Sunday, July 20, 2014

July 14th, 2014

To answer all the I have not been transferred.  Not yet, we get a call Wednesday morning tosee if we go or not then we pack and we are in a new area by the night!  Crazy huh, well i sure hope I don't get transferred!  True, i know every street, food stand and dog in the street that there is but we are so close to tons of success and I don't want to be the missionary that does all the work but then gets shipped out at the last second and misses all the fruits of my labor!  But I have come to realize that its not our fruits or our success but the Lords and really I am his servant.  If he wants be to move and start teaching and preaching then I am going to go with one purpose, do what Jesus would do.  And that's to start off with love for one another and to use the spirit and find the ones who are ready for this gospel.  And to be honest I have had some cool story's and some straight up disappointments.  I have cried by laughing and cried by sorrow.  There really is a time for everything and I love the fact that I am learning how to serve others not just me, and it all started roughly four months ago.....loco huh?

Okay where to start, lets start with the bad and then go to the good?  Well first of allI think that as members of the church we should really learn how to be an example of Christ and to be like him. its really hard to do that obviously but still its possible, even for my ward.  We had two investigators show up to church today and one is a girl who does not believe in god and the other is this young lady who is really strong in another church and the whole "go to a different church thing" is a little bit different for her and literally it was a pretty big sacrifice for her Her parents were mad but she said that God wants us to always look for answers so why not try a church? okay So they where sitting at church and Elder Osuna and I left to help with the sacrament and then when we returned everything went fine until this guy stood up and I swear he was like a crazy preacher on television.  He starts off by thanking everyone for being here and then says in his talk he is going to tell why every other church in the world was wrong, the smile just instantly vanishes from my face because I swear he looked directly into the eyes of our investigators, he really went to town for about half an hour and bashed every church and pointed to all these crazy scriptures in the old testament and I thought for sure we lost our chances with these investigators, he was literally a hell, fire, and damnation kinda guy and if my eyebrows where not already white they would be burned clean off.  I was like, will someone please get him off the stand.  I kept looking and our investigators faces slowly started to turn hard into stone, they left shortly after the first hour and said they will call us when we can visit again, huh, thanks ward.  But what is a positive thing is he was trying to help them realize that this is Gods only chosen church, but we can all learn to take  a step back and think about each others feeling we would all get along.  So that is the first story

Second story is that I really am lactose intolerant.  I can not drink anymore milk unless I want to die.  I ove this powdered milk we can buy with all these vitamins in it and I think it has some supplement for babies but its perfect for the missionary to drink for breakfast and I drank tons of it and felt so sick and my stomach just started to freak out on me.  I wont go into detail but lets just say no more milk for me. 

Also not totally sure but I think we were getting shot at.  I know that there were dudes with guns in the Tomas at night and we were walking and heard a bunch of laughter and gun shots real close.  We took off and ran for Catalina's house.   Now, don't freak but I did hear the gunshots and yes they were close but they were only shooting them up into the air so no worries haha.  But yes I do live in the hood haha or at least a place that is a little bit different then home.

This week I have gained a huge testimony of the gift of tongues.  We were teaching a young girl named Catalina that wants to get baptised but her mom is a little bit concerned about it and her father is a less active member and his goal is to go through the temple and be sealed for time and all eternity, what a beautiful thing that is!  its so perfect but Catalina asked me to give her a blessing.  What a opportunity I but was so nervous and then I just felt at peace.  I paused and spoke.  It did not feel like Spanish and at first I was worried that it was English but I gave a blessing and I promise that it was only through the Lord that it was possible.  We were all crying in the end and I know that the lord will bless us if we use our faith in him and always press on with faith.  I know tons of stuff right now are hard for me but that is okay because everything will be okay.   If  I get transferred I will work even harder then this sector, always improve and always try to follow Christ.  To all of the people who say this country is in South America, Therfore its hot, lied.   It is so cold at night and I sleep with literally three sweaters and coats and the roof started to leak again!  What a bummer.  But I  have never been this happy, ever.  I love you tons!

Finally got my Easter Package!

Me and my comp, Elder Osuna

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