Wednesday, July 23, 2014

July 21st, 2014. SURPRISE!!!!

Hey surprise! BAPTISM! hahahahahaha 

So I first have to say that God loves me some.  I'm back in my little shack with my same comp preaching the gospel and I never have been more happy!  I'm so glad the lord and president have the faith in me and Elder Osuna to continue the work together in the same sector and the baptisms or the fruits of the spirit keep rolling in.  This week we will have tons of stuff planned and I hope that everything works out just fine!  Oh and Elder Osuna and I created this weird food called pasuña cakes. pass-uña cakes.  

Okay another thing about getting shot at, it was not really that bad or dangerous. just a bunch of drunk hombres with guns. haha but everything worked out just fine.  So with this surprise baptism, are you ready?  It all started out with a contact with Elder Artiga and me in the street over three months ago "seriously feels like a week".  But it was a family that is less active in the church and their son has just turned eight years old and was not baptised so we have been teaching them and trying to get them reactivated in the church and it was really hard but everything has been really well and we dedicated their house and it has been super productive and the spirit has been super strong.  He is got baptised this Sunday.  He is eight so the baptism does not count for a number in the mission but all baptisms count for God right?  And so the big day arrived and we were so stoked and all of the sudden he asked me to baptise him!   So we ran home and grabbed all of our stuff and I baptised him!   The water was the coldest I have ever felt in my life, the reason is the church ran out of gas and so the water was freezing cold.  It only could be compared to when my friends and I cut this hole in the ice one night and jumped in the lake.  It was seriously the same and my lips where blue when I gave the prayer to baptise him.  What a poor kid he had to be subbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbmirged. ugh I'm sorry someone must of spilled beer on this keyboard bbecause all the keys get stuck at the bottom.  But I made sure the prayer was perfect and baptised him only once and ran and grabbed my towel.   But everything went well and I now have this bond with this family that will be with me for eternity.  What blessings!
Satan tries to stop this work!  This Sunday, Irma, who will be baptized this next Sunday was walking to the church for her interview and got mugged! noooooo! my poor Chilean grandma got mugged by some dude in the street and Irma stood her ground and started swinging her purse and like every other grandma in the world those things are heavy and can do some damage.  She called us and told us what happened so we ran and she said when we appeared over the hill to where she was we looked like angels coming to rescue her.  She said that she knew this church was true and that we, are her saviors in this life but the real Savior is Jesus Cristo.........the spirit was so strong and we walked to the church in tears and she had such a great interview and she passed and is so excited to be baptised! awwwwwwwwwwww!   Happiness is seriously bursting through my soul!

We also have two more baptism dates planned with young investigators, one is with Catalina, I have been teaching her for about four months as well.  Also Soledad.  Both are fourteen and 15 years of age and its so freaking cool to see the lights in there eyes.  They are both members of family's that are part members so I hope that the dads can baptize them!  How cool would that be! 

Okay so Elder Osuna and I were starving last night and out of food so I decided to try and cook something, yes that's right, cook. haha  It was difficult at first but I threw a bunch of flour in a bowl with some hot chocolate mix "for flavor" and sugar and some baby food powder.   Then I mixed it until it looked like a brownie mix and cooked them like pancakes.  They where actually really good and I think it was only because we where starving that they tasted good but Eder Osuna called them pasuña cakes. haha  I just thought you would like to now about my ability's that I am learning here on the mission. haha  Both a love for the people and cooking.  I just want to let you know that you are all examples to me.  These past few weeks have been so life changing. I use the story of my ancestor "thanks Grandma and Grandpa Passey" all the time and it changes lives.  We also have so many answers to our prayers.  Love you all!

This little guy would not stop moving around like a wild caged animal

Baptism! Jabvier Lopez

Ingrediants, oh and water

The mix

In the pan

The final product.  PAS...UNA...CAKES!

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