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July 7th, 2014. The Power of Fasting

This week has been life changing.  Every missionary says they learn tons of things in their transfers but one huge thing and the goal is to better yourself as a missionary and as a person and when you end your mission.  To be as good as you can possibly be.  This transfer I learned so much about diligence.  It's so important for us to have and I have such a strong testimony of diligence and persevering to the end.  And I promise that when we do this and use these things in our life that God will push us because God is known to always try his disciples with hard things.  Try to find one person in the scriptures that did not have to overcome trials and draw nearer to God and just when we are on the verge of our limit we push just a Little bit more and then we receive the fruits of all these blessings, for example, attributes of Jesus Christ and whatever we need to become better.

As it is said in the subject of this email I have a new found testimony of the power of fasting.  Like any other youth before the mission fasting meant not eating waffles or pancakes before church and hearing my stomach rumble all day and have only one thought in my mind, when is my next meal?  But all of that has changed I still fast the same but what has changed is the desire for a answer to my questions and revelation to my prayers.  I testify that only when we fast with one specific purpose in mind with true intent to receive a answer then by the power of god we will receive an answer.  God blesses his children.  The story that goes along with this is one day we were trying to think of ways to find and teach people who are ready to be baptised and have success in the mission. As we where thinking we received a random phone call and it broke the heavy silence because for about five minutes my comp and I were both super silent without one thought in our heads for ideas that we had not already tried.  The phone went on speaker and the zone leaders said we need to fast, we asked why and they shortly responded, you want baptisms right? and then hung up the phone.  What a great blessing it is to be surrounded by such great individuals that are so close to the spirit.  We immediately started to fast and to concentrate on one thing, to find those who are ready to receive the Gospel.   Okay are you ready for the blessings?  We have four, four good individuals who have baptism dates....... that is more in one week then we have had in this transfer. Never before have I seen such animation form these investigators.  

One was the first one to church and wanted to take a tour of the building and asked where she could buy white clothes appropriate for baptism and if its okay if she paints her nails whiten  Her name is Irma, and she is a angel.  She is 72 but she acts like she is 40 and she has the best food in the world!  Chilean of course haha.  She is so awesome!  Her son is also an investigator and he has a date planned out too but he is one week behind her because she went to church this week and he had to work.  Irma is one of those lady's who will work and make friends really fast.  She only planned to stay for the first hour but liked it so much she stayed all three hours and even after to help plan a activity for the relief society.  I had people ask if she was a member who just moved here because she is acting like she owns the place haha  But what is the best part is she has a huge desire to learn, we call it hungry.  She is hungry to learn about the Gospel.  Also she loves  She threw her coffee away and uses ecco or posem for the Mormons in Chile haha and she is striving to be a better person.  Gold right?  One answer to my fast.

The other two are younger.  They are Natalie and Yanexia. they are 20 and 21.  Natalie is from a less active family that has not visited the church in ages.  They are a little bit more difficult but they are gold also.  They are cousins and are learning together and are going to be baptized together they say.  We where talking a little bit about baptism and they asked "so we need the power of god right?" we answered yes, that it was super important or its not valid.  Then they asked "do you guys have this power?" and we said that we are worthy bearers of this power and they got huge smiles on there faces and said good because we want to be baptized!  They have tons of questions so I hope that they continue to progress in the Gospel.  They are for the 27 of July also.

Another cool experience is we were teaching this lady who was sitting in this recliner in the street.  It looked like dads lazy boy and we stopped and knelt down and had a conversation with her and my comp kept getting frustrated because she said that she did not understand the plan of God.  And kneeling in the clay, dirt road in Chile I started to think what would Jesus Christ do?  Then I remembered the harlot and when Jesus drew in the sand. now, I'm not saying that this lady is a harlot but she was kinda scetch and thankfully she put out her cigarette.  I picked up this stick and drew a sun.  Then I drew a circle about a foot away.  I asked her if she wanted to understand what we were teaching and of course she said yes. So I said okay the sun represents God and his glory, the circle is us on the earth and I drew a straight line with a gap in the middle and it connected to the sun and the circle.  I paused and let the spirit come because it was hard to say what I wanted to say super simply and also said a prayer that this would work.  I said that we are on this circle trying to find God, he has a plan for us.  I pointed to the line and said that this is the plan.  It's a connection to God and us if we follow it we will always end up in the presence of God.  She then asked what I was praying she would ask "well why is there a gap in the plan?" and I smiled and said, that gap is filled only when we make a covenant or promise with God, one is baptism and I filled the line in completely and said once we accept baptism we will be able to make it to the presence of god, she was quiet for a minute and then looked at my comp and laughed and said "why did you not do that in the first place!" haha.  I have such a strong testimony of the power of the spirit and this priesthood and it will always help us, only if we are worthy to hold it.  I promise that it will always be there.
This is my testimony that I believe without a doubt if I did not fast we would not of had this great of a week I'm so glad for my bishop that he has taught me to always follow God and to be open minded.  How blessed I am!  I pray for you all everyday and I hope you guys love your lives!  My family has a photo and a saying on our fridge that says, "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams!  Live the life you imagined" that is the key.  Always be willing to dream and then go make it possible.

**The photos are not loading, I will send them next week.

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