Sunday, August 3, 2014

July 28th, 2014

The baptism of Irma has finally arrived!  Through seriously tons of fasting, I probably lost five more pounds......haha just kidding but seriously it was so much fasting and I was so anxious the night before and I did not sleep to much so I just laid in bed and prayed and thought what would dad do to fall asleep?   So I could not watch the golf channel or search for dogs on a computer but the thoughts where good enough to put me to sleep. It made me remember of all the times and conversations my dad and I had at three in the morning!  But this was a crazy week with tons of lessons and tons of success and I learned so much.

Okay so the baptism of Irma.  She was a champ and was so psyched that she did not sleep either!  She was so pumped that she went out and bought all these things for her baptism because she did not trust us to a sweet loving way.  She bought a towel and two pair of socks because she did not want to be to cold. haha it was a blast.   So I also know that right before the biggest decisions in our lives Satan will do everything he can to stop us from doing them and completing our goal.  This sadly is so true.  And poor Irma fought through everything to become a clean child of God.  I cant remember if I told you or not but she got robbed and mugged right before her baptism interview!  We were walking up and over this hill and I started to feel really nervous and I felt the impressions that we needed to hurry and go to the church as fast as we could.  But I thought it was just thoughts in my head and I said I was nervous and my comp looked nervous and I asked "whats up" and he quickly responded he had the same thoughts as me so we ran the rest of the way in a mad rush for the church and when we came over the hill we saw Irma by the church trying to wave people down.  We blitzed over there to see her with tears streaming down her face and I was so scared and she told us how she was mugged and that she just started screaming and swinging this huge purse of hers..... I felt bad for the guy because she is like a Little Mike Tyson.  And that bag must of hurt.  She then another day slipped and hurt her back and hip.......what more can happen to this sweet old lady no?  But she also pushed on and she said that this was one of the biggest moments in her life and she would not give up, ever,  What an example of faith right?  This lady did everything in her power to be baptized and when the time came there was one final task, the Font.  The Font in my Ward is seriously a piece of work.  She said the one rule was that she wanted warm water.  We turned the hot water on and the bishop said in about a hour and a half that everything would be fine and ready.  So in about an hour we went and checked the Font and saw that it was only about six inches, and the bishop asked in a joking manner if we could baptise her in that......not funny.  We rushed and had to turn on the cold water with the hope that it would disperse and mix with the hot water and be fine.  In another hour we checked the Font again and to our surprise, it was Green and a muddy looking color like snot and we could not see the bottom of the Font .....uhhhh We had no other option.  We tried our best to clear up the water and was about to start filling it up with water from the near by bathroom but it was game time so we went out and told Irma that she had one more trial to overcome and she pulled her hair in a pony tail and said lets go haha  What a chaaaaaaaaammmmmmp!  Heart of a lion haha.  My comp was the one who baptised her and they looked like angels and I felt like a proud parent.  She was also supported by seriously every relief society member in the Ward and they had postum ready for her mom its not called postum but ecco and its just like postum, coffee for mormons haha.  She was brought down into the water and I could not really see her until she came back up and she was shaking and smiling! ugh, pictures on the way!
Okay so Catalina is doing really well and we have great lessons with her and I hope and I know she will be baptized.  Because of where we live her mother is a little bit nervous about her going to church alone and so we went out and introduced her to the Young women presidente who is the mom or the boss of these Young women and they all just clicked.   She showed her mom and Catalina the whole Young women gig and the bees and stuff and they were so stoked and by the other lesson Giovanna the mom of Catalina had read most of the handbook and was sold on it.  Same with Catalina.  They are so cool!  This Friday they are going to go to a Young women activity and then she can go to church with the president.  Hermana Giovanna wants to get baptised to but she needs to get married to Alejandro.  So after that because you of chastity is kinda a problema...... haha.  But  she will get baptized and I just hope that she will in this transfer! 

We also had a lot of weird experiences like drunks trying to preach and one said he was a follower of Christ and for that reason he was a drunk for life.......what?  I wish god would of said more about the wine in the bible...... but no need to fear everything will be alright.  So ya, just a bunch of random stuff,

I did not sleep much this week and I hope these black marks under my eyes are not permanent.

I love my mom
I love my Little sister
Tons of love for my two awesome brothers
and who can ever forget their hero, my father.....I love you dad.

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