Monday, August 18, 2014

August 18th, 2014

Wow this week has literally flown by!  I now understand what it means to be lost in the work.  I always say this but really I feel so mucho for these people that I cant believe the love and laughter, heartbreak and sadness that I feel.   This week we found a ton of investigators and a lot of them fell through, and they did not want a thing to do with the church so really what has happened is that we are close to starting over from scratch and finding the people who really are ready for the gospel and want to make such sacred covenants with him.  So some crazy stuff went down this week as well, we had a zone activity and we also got in a car accident!!!!!   Also we watched an epic fight and then another fight between these crazy dogs, all in the hot dirt streets of Chile!!!

Okay so lets start with Catalina shall we, she went to church with us last week and she dressed up and they all had sunday clothes on and ready for church, they where laughing and interacting with the members and her dad who is a member but long since inactive had a interview with the bishop yesterday to start back up in the church.  So we where stoked for her baptism and we were shocked to see her with this stone cold face and she said that she wanted nothing to do with our church anymore........ so we talked with her and her family and we all agreed that they had a great time and felt the spirit so we could not find out what was wrong and she just kept her head low and kept saying she did not want to be baptised and go to church.  So she finally broke the news that she went to church with her cousin who is the crazy lady from some no named church and she started saying all this bad stuff about the Mormons, so she did not want anything to do with us anymore and asked us to leave, so in this situation what do you do?  Bear our testimony's. and cry, ugh but all we can do is keep on progressing and finding new people.

Okay so another investigator, she was a champ and we found her so sad and she is the one who does not want to live with her family forever, but she came in and freaked out because our letters were to small in the Book of Mormon and how she does not understand and can't pronounce big words and she said she does not want anything to do with the "Iglesia mormona" and sent us on our way, so three investigators with baptism dates down the drain in three days, wow.... harsh right! But that just means we have more time to find those who are ready, and willing with a full heart to see if these things are true, all I can do is think of Enos and how he prayed all day and would not stop until he received an answer!  I wish we had investigators like that and I wish I was more like that but hey all is well because I am planting the seeds for the harvest of the Lord!!!!!!

ha ha okay some crazy stuff ready! This week was full of epic adventures.  First it was so hot that I thought I was going to die and they said it was not even bad yet.  I used a ton of sunscreen so don't worry mom right now I don't have any sunburns yet!!!!  But one night we were walking and saw another fight in the tomas,  They where seriously going nuts and all I could understand this time was drugs because they spoke super gangster but we just sat there and watched this fight and then I was like, hey Elder Osuna shouldn't we do something?  So we started to walk towards them but they told us to get away so we just left, its so sad how Satan try's to destroy people and I feel so bad for all the fights my brother and I have had.

Also we were in a taxi and these taxis are crazy and they fly and don't obey laws haha.  But we are used to it so I was closing my eyes and then my comp yelled and we  T boned a car in this intersection and none of us had seat belts on!  But with the blessings of the Lord none of us got hurt and we went on our way and felt so blessed.  But they all said that we did not get hurt because we were missionary's haha and mom don't freak it was not some huge wreck and that stuff but it whipped us pretty good.  There was about four of us piled up in the back seat haha  So it was some cushion for us.

Dogs are not the same here in Chile as they are in the United States, I don't like them very much. They seriously are known to attack these little kids, wow, but we saw these dogs going crazy and my comp has this huge fear of dogs so now whenever we see dogs he gets ready to throw his libro de mormon and run haha

But through all this crazy stuff that I have been through this week I want you guys to know that my testimony of the Lord has grown so much.  We have new families who are ready for the gospel and I cant wait to teach and preach, they are so great and I love them.  But its hard, don't  get me wrong but I love this language and these people and I feel like I can say anything that I want and I am still nervous but I love this language.  Who would of thought I could speak Spanish close to fluent haha Man what a blessing!

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