Monday, August 25, 2014

August 25th, 2014

Well this wed is transfers and I'm pretty nervous!  Never before have I been transfered so we will see how that goes!  This week was really special, earthquakes, families, and training, gotta love it!  But really I learned a ton about the power of prayer and how we can all draw nearer to God through the importance of prayer!  Really my life has been so blessed with tons of miracles and I know for a fact that God lives and he wants everyone of us to find it out in our own time and in our own way.  We all need to remember that God has a plan for us and even though its different for each one of us the points are the same, through the atonement we can return and live with him and through this knowledge we chose to come to earth to receive this body that we now have, what a privilege!!!!!  Man who would of thought that we could receive such blessings! but we need to be careful as well!!!!

Mom, thank you for the vitamins!  That's right I got your packages!!!!  But I got one and then I got another!!!  The first one was with the candy and I have to admit that Elder Osuna ate all my york mints and snickers!  I said he could eat them and went to the bathroom and found only wrappers! haha  But I gave him some of the jerky and watched with zeal as he sniffed it, took a bite and spit it out! haha I knew he would not like it and he wanted to try it because I said it was super good and American and because he wants to be an American someday.  He tried it hahahahahahahahaha  So I got to eat all the jerky in one night and kit kats holla!  What blessings in the moment but we need to be careful and in the night I got really sick to my stomach because jerky is not a normal thing that one would eat in Chile so it was a little different. haha.  But I loved every bit of it!  Just next time I wont eat the whole bag!  My favorite part was the pictures and I opened it up and the first picture is of a what a joke, its not like I see dogs every day in Chile haha  But then I looked and saw these smiling bright faces from my family and never before have I been so relieved, these past five months has been like a dream and those happy brothers and sister of mine as well as my angel of a mom and my stud of a dad!!!! They are awesome! also we have been feeling kind of down physically and we prayed for help and then the unusual happened!  Another package? What! And this one was filled with vitamins and medicine! It was so weird it was like my family heard and answered my prayers!  I know that we have this body for a reason and we need to take care of it. every day I see young kids smoking and doing bad things and I just want to help them so bad! uhh  The blessings of the word of wisdom!!!!

Okay also earthquake!!!!  What holy cow that was pretty freaky. But it was also not a strong one "that I heard haha"  It was a 6.4 or a 6.1 but it does not really matter its called a tremble here until it gets above a seven. we were in a little shop buying these cookies for a family home evening and we were also talking about how God has a plan for us and we need to always look and search for this plan and then the earth started to move, and those of you who have not felt one its so wired- its like being on a trampoline and feeling the ground move up and down and side to side.  But it was not strong so we just sat there and then boom!!!!!!  It just got way stronger and loud, cars going nuts and stuff was falling off the shelves and spilling everywhere but what was most terrifying was I could only hear the loudness of the earth and then shrieks from women in the store and I looked at the door of the store and I just started to make my way for it like a mad rush with others and then it just stopped.  Immediately there was silence and the mothers went nuts and made sure every baby was found and it was all good.  It was quite an experience.  I heard from others that stronger ones knock you over and you cant stand up! Wow, really we were under a lot of stress and I was saying a prayer in my heart and we continued to teach and preach like missionary's do!!!!  But what was hard was light bulbs burst and there was no light in some parts but the others was okay, so ya! I lived

This week I also trained a new elder!  He is so cool and it was only for a day because my companion had this training meeting in Vina for district leaders and so I went and trained this other missionary and he was super strong in the gospel.  It is his second transfer and he really is fluent, he is from California and is from  Latino family so that is why.  But really I was the leader in the lessons and it felt good to be able to help him with his questions and help him with problems with his companion.  I loved training him and being in a different area for the day.  It felt good to break free from my area for the day and to lose myself in the trees of this sector.  It was super green and it was really nice! So I really can train!

This week we had a ton of family home evenings and worked a ton with families and how they can be together forever! One family is only a part family and we are working with this family about baptizing the grandma, she is like four feet tall and is the boss, its so cool to see her and she acts like she owns the place!  But what was sweet was that she taught us how to make bread and these dessert things, it was a great experience!  Also we started teaching a young family, they are 22 and 20 years old, Ruth and Mauricio! They are just trying to survive in the world but they loved the fact about how they can become an eternal family! They have the chance to progress and I hope that they will be baptised and sealed for time and all eternity!  What great joy! the problem is that they are not married yet! awww law of chastity....... so we are trying to get them to be married but they don't have to much money so that is a sacrifice for  them, we will see how it goes.

I love my companion so much and we are so close that it is really like a brotherhood not like companions.  We are here for four more days together, maybe and we feel that these past three months we have learned so much but grown in the eyes of God and we cant wait to see if we will be together for one more transfer!  He is a super great hombre and we are so close!  We received so many blessings about how to get along and I cant believe the patience I have right now.  It's only through the love and humility that we have for this work, before the mission I was so fast to blow my temper that I feel really bad about it now.  But its all in the past. thank you for everything!!!!!

Actividad de zona!

Mi campanero tiene la cara de james bond jajaja que bendiciones!

Otra vez lo siento por mi español!!!!!!! Oh y Elder Osuna es la mas gran mexicano en Chile! Vida por tacos, sombreos, y pistolas!!!!!! jajajajaja Chistes es mas o menos asi, libro de Mormon y bautismos!

Nuestro districto! Peru, Ecuador, USA, Argentina, Costa Rica.....y MEXICO!
pero que pasa Elder Osuna? El no pude cocinar elotte!

Elder Passey and Elder Osuna

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