Monday, August 11, 2014

August 11, 2014: Buenas Días de Chile!

Guess what guys!!!!???? I got my visa and I am so close to being a Chilean I even dream about completos......ya I'm living the life and its been a blast, this week was insanely fast and with so much work to be done in my sector and being blessed with Spanish I am able to do more and more everyday and seriously work my whole heart out!  Well this week was my first class in English and it was.....interesting. But we had some great days and some concerns for some of our investigators and I just hope and pray that they do well!

Okay so this day was great, we had this huge desire to have the best week that we have ever had in our lives, so we started our week off with tons of prayer that we can end up having new investigators and during the day it was a serious miracle, we seriously could of walked into any house and have a great lesson with close to perfect Spanish and with success!  We taught six lessons and visited two menos active families and have them committed to re start coming to church! I feel so blessed from the fact that we can really work our guts out and pray and the lord will have a hand in our work. Right now we are seriously so close to more baptisms that I feel so blessed to be a part of this work and this mission in general.  We had a hard day on Friday and with only two lessons in our day we stopped and prayed and literally the next door we stopped to teach and contact became a new investigator! whoooooooooooooah! boo yah.  The power of the lord and his worthy servants. I know that I am receiving blessings from you guys and especially the Lord!
Hey so okay here is my English class story, ready okay so lets begin.  I was prepping and fasting that I could be able to teach this class and I had this awesome class ready!  So we got to the church and I wrote some stuff on the board and waited, and waited, and waited and man I felt like I was slapped in the face when not one person showed up to my class!  I  was super discouraged and so we said a prayer and as we ended we looked up and there was a less active member who is missionary age and wants to get reactivated!  So we sat down and had a great discussion about how we can become closer to God and then he wanted English so we taught him how to pray in English and it was so spiritual and he was all choked up and at first I thought it was because of the English but after I looked into some tear filled eyes and knew that this gospel is true and that this really is the Lords work.  I know that for a fact.  That was me a year ago and I cant wait to see him as a missionary.

So hardships, this could very well be my biggest part of the letter but to sum it up, this work is hard. We have this young kid who is so special to our hearts and we are teaching his family but we cant get him to stop smoking.  He was at church today and we asked to have a meeting with him and he promised again and again to stop smoking and we showed up at his house to meet with his family and saw him starting to light up a smoke! awwwwwwwwwgh.  I cry and my heart mourns for the lost sheep that we as Shepard's need to bring back into the fold. But in truth the path back to god from a sin filled past is so hard and rocky, not green pastures and I know its hard but he needs the will power! ugh, all is well I guess we just need to continue to help him.  Other challenges have been with health and I hurt my leg a little bit by trying to jump this river from a rock and not well haha this plat form moves and ya.... but it was all good.  We also had this lesson with a dude that has serious attitude changes and it went from good to bad to ugly to horrible.  So that was a life changer...

This week has been great and to cap it off we had six investigators, two familias show up to church and oh how blessed are we to be in my sector right now!  I love you all so much and I pray for you tons, thanks for all that you do and remember to always walk the straight and narrow paths.

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