Monday, August 4, 2014

August 4th, 2014: Lost in Time, Chile and Wonder!

Wow, in a couple days five months will have gone by since I first stepped on Chilean soil and five months since one of my last warm hugs from my beloved mother, how fast has time gone!  I really can't believe that I live in South America and its one of my favorite parts of my day to step out side and say "Good morning Chile, who is ready for the gospel today?"  My comp says everyone is ready for the gospel we just need to work harder to find them.  How true that is and how dedicated this workforce, soldiers of God, can teach everyone in almost every part of the world!  What blessings!  So this week has flown by and some crazy stuff has happened, first i got lost in Chile, seriously lost, also it was my first time confirming a person into our church and also we had a super good week! And we have another drunk friend
Okay so this story about getting lost, man, so because my companion is a district leader we have inter cambios(changes) a lot and I learn from the zone leaders tons of stuff.  This time I was with Elder Miles, he is a champ and we had a crazy great day and a crazy great bunch of lessons, his Spanish is good seeing that he has served in the mission for two years and is about to go home, he is one friend that I will have after my mission.  Anyway we went and followed the plan to meet our companions at the stake center but they did not show up, later we got a call and they said we had to meet them in another church building so we decided to take the bus.  Before I tell this I want to describe to you that we are broke, we had only enough money to pay for one bus ride, and we did not have any minutes so we could not call our companions.  But no need to fear I'm with a zone leader, they don't make mistakes right? Wrong!  We were looking for a bus and I asked, "Hey Elder Miles what bus do we need to take?" and he had this weird look on his face and said I think this one.  So we just hopped on and rode this bus for awhile and he helped me with part of my Spanish and it seemed like forever since we were on this bus and I asked what was up and he said not to worry that the bus takes a long detour.  We crossed a river then a freeway, again, I asked what was up and I got pretty nervous because he had no idea but said that the bus would return to the right course.  We drove passed some curious houses that where super sketchy and then all the people all of the sudden got off the bus and we were solo.  W drove for about ten minutes more then pulled onto this pot holed dirt road for awhile and then we ended up outside this house,  The driver looked back at us as he was getting out of the bus and said "finished" in English and then left the bus!  What!  We had no idea where we were and we rode this bus for about an hour and so we got out and having no money and no minutes started walking, hopelessly lost.  It was nuts!  We ended up in some city way up north then our city of Quilpue.  We ended up just laughing out of pity because it seriously is a huge mistake and it was the worst thing that could of happened to us!  We walked like pioneer children, walked and walked and walked haha because every taxi had weird names of cities that we have never heard before.  Finally we saw one that said Quilpue and entered and asked how to get to the church he said it was about an hour from here walking,,,,,, but he had a picture of Christ and said we could get in and get a ride so we cruised down this highway and ended up at the church in about fifteen minutes! WOW!  I was so nervous and I could not believe how far away we were.  And so that is how I got lost in Quilpue.  We were so lucky that there are good souls in Chile that lend a helping hand and it gave me a testimony that we always need to help others even as Christ has done, charity is the pure love of Christ.

So another story.  We helped another drunk find his house, but this time he was worse then the others, he was blind, walking in the middle of the road using this stick as a cane.  It was so sad to see him so we helped him but he was yelling his name and laughing and calling us angels and being a punk wad.  Because I knew where he lived we started walking in the right direction and he would yell and say we where going the wrong way.  We asked how he knew these things and he would say because we were young, so he told us to go to the water tower, the opposite way from his house.  Finally we walked a different way that he approved to his house. Wow, drunks are a blast right!  But he was a person in need and its our job as followers of Christ to be an example.  

We had some great lessons with Catalina.  She has a ton of energy for the church but did not show up today so we ended up having her baptism date to be pushed back.  If she gets baptised in this transfer it will be our last day in the transfer, so I hope she accepts this calling from God.  We having been teaching this young lady about the gospel and she loves it but she hates her family, really hates them and said that she does not want to go live with them for eternity.........we were walking back to the house and hugged each other and just cried.  How can someone hate their family that much, I felt so sad for all the times that I was a huge jerk to my family and all the harm that I have caused them. I hope they have forgiven me and I feel so blessed to been in the gospel and to be able to live with this family of mine forever. 
Its been super hot this week and I really do feel like I am officially in South America.  It's hot one day and then freezing the other and I think its really bad for our health and the health of others, what a blessing this life is!  Oh hey I'm starting an English class this week on Friday at 7 so about five your time.  I hope i can improve my grammar by then!  I remember when Elder Levitt and I taught a class and Elder Levitt taught some rule in English that does not exist and we spelled stuff wrong, uhhhhhh.  Now I need to learn English and Spanish.

I love you all so much and I hope that you will have tons of success in your school, work and all parts of you lives, God bless you all!

Irma's Baptism

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