Monday, September 1, 2014

September 1st, 2014: Still in Quilpue

Nope, still in Quilpue.........that must mean that there are someone here that I need to baptize and change, who knows, but all I know is that when this transfer ends I will have seven and a half months in the mission, close to eight, wow!  This week was very crazy and we had a ton of changes, Elder Osuna left and now I'm here with another companion.....he is not the same as Elder Osuna and Elder Artiga but he is really cool and he has been called to be the district leader, also he has a ton of time in the mission so he is a little bit dead haha.  He has about one year and six months in the mission and he is from Santiago Chile!  Really the Lord has blessed my life with so much love for others and I am really blessed with this whole new attitude as my dad would call it because there are some stuff that this companion does that would of killed me before.  But now I just smile at the thought of my old life and my old self and then I start to love him and shower him with affection and love and everything works out, and guess what!  Now we are great friends!  His name is Elder Abarca and yes mom I have pictures haha.  He is a little shorter than me and a little biggerhahaha and his goal this transfer is to go on a diet....huh, I said that our goal is baptisms first and I definitely felt solo in some lessons but because of that my Spanish is really improving and I'm gaining more and more experience in my lessons and I feel super comfortable, I know that my Spanish is not perfect but I'm always just trying to improve and hey if we are improving that's good right?

This week we had this crazy awesome activity in our ward and it was this dance of the ages thing, so they all dressed up from the 60´s to the 90´s and they had this costume contest and this old man dressed up as Elvis and walked out to the middle of the floor and they played some sweet Elvis songs and they went nuts when he started dancing, it was super hard to stay focused when all these songs started to play and I got lost in my thoughts of home for a little bit and enjoyed myself in this great activity.  What was the best was that we had two of our investigators show up and they had a blast and they have a baptism date for the 14th of September.  In truth I feel super pressured right now, I feel solo and that its all me right now, I'm really the leader and its hard because we have all these great people but we need to baptise, its been one month since the last time we baptised, that is unacceptable and i have been blessed with the opportunity to really take the initiative and be the leader and get some baptisms!!!!

This week was really cold and it did not help when my comp got attacked by a dog! he seriously got chomped and I did not know what to do our what was going on so I kicked at this dog and then as we where walking away I just started to laugh and laugh, poor Elder Abarca, he is so nice and loving but he is one of those accident prone people who i just need to help all the time or he will get himself into some kind of mess haha.

I got my hair chopped off by these ladies last week and it was horrible, Elder Osuna and I sat down to get our haircut and asked how they where and they said "great, thanks to Jehovah!" and I just sighed when I sat down and we got into a pretty good conversation that turned a little bit heated for them and that's when they took it out on our hair, they just cut mine super short and did the exact opposite that I asked for, but that is the life I guess right? 

Okay so spiritual experiences, we taught some really good lessons and we really did feel the spirit so strong and we have this lady who is Patricia and she is so great and so pumped to be baptized!  She just needs to push through all the difficult times to be baptised because this is the time that Satan really pushes hard against them, So ya this was my week, not to much happened but I love you guys so much and I'm so pumped to hear about how Nate schooled in football and really I want to tell you guys about how much I love this mission,

Never before in my life have I been so tired at nine thirty at night, but I have dreams about teaching and baptizing and they are all about other people, almost all of our conversations are about others and how we can better then so when they enter the judgement seat that they can be calm and collective, when we do have conversations about ourselves its always about how we can be better.  I love how we can draw so close to these members and these investigators.  These guys are so awesome and I'm so happy all the time, true I'm sad when bad things happen then I remember my awesome family and friends who are always praying for me to do better.  I only have a little bit of time in this mission and then I enter the mission field of life and I cant wait to find and teach people at home but really here is my people, I am a Chilean and I love every hard minute of this work.  I want all my family to see how happy i am!  This life rocks!  I love the spirit and I love my Savior, my light and my example forever. 

Love, Elder Passey

P.S.  I am on a really old computer so I will sent pictures next week.  

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