Monday, September 29, 2014

September 29th, 2014

I would like to start this email by saying that we are as the dust of the earth, but we will always be able to receive blessings from the Lord and he will always bless us if we keep the commandments and keep enduring to the end. but as well as service, this week my companion had a great week but it was super hard and not much success on the paper and in the books but we are generating a bunch of new work and its really paying off.

Okay so the Lord likes to bless his children but how? I am here to tell you that the Lord our almighty God will always bless you, I know it!  But the question is how, there is a recipe that we can always use to gain answers to our prayers, one- we need to be worthy of our prayers. how can we expect to get answers if we are not worthy? I am here to testify to you that we can never get answers if we are not worthy to recieve them, think of it as a phone without a battery, we have this great device to talk to god but without the battery its useless. then when we are worthy we need to do something more, we need to do everything in or power to make things a reality, praying, reading the holy words of the prophets and fasting.....  also with the power of tithing, then when these things are accomplished there is nothing holding us back from communication with god! how great is that!

We all get answers in different ways, so then we need to be receptive to the spirit and I promise we will get tons of answers through the spirit  Well that's what I have learned this week but its something that I feel that we all need to share with everyone.  Because there are so many people who are upset and think that God does not talk to them, but I promise that he does but lots of times we are expecting a answer in such a different way that we miss the answer.   So I am hear to encourage you, plead with you with all the sincerity of my heart that if you feel that God has not answered your prayers to humble yourself and get on your knees and offer up your soul to God and be as humble as the dust of the earth, then through his mercy and infinite kindness he will reach down and wrap us up in his arms of everlasting love.  

So it turns out that I will have a baptism this transfer after all! Wow what a blessing.  I have been working with this investigator from the sector of the other elders in our district.  Only when I have the opportunity to have companion exchanges.  But we interviewed her and through super spiritual experiences she asked me to baptise her...... it brought me to tears because through tons of fasting for a baptism I will get one this Saturday before general conference that I love.  What a great opportunity and privilege to baptise her.  She is such a strong convert to the church.  In her own words she told my companion who interviewed her "you are all angels of God and I love you all so much but I have been praying and I want Elder Passey to baptise me, whenever he is in our lessons I cant help but crying from such a strong spirit."  I can promise you that it was not me speaking to her but the spirit, I am only the mouth piece of such a great work.  Marixa is her name and she is so cool and awesome! I  know that it was the work of the Lord working though me that I could of blessed this lady.   My Spanish is not perfect and I know that but she is such a great confident boost to me.

This life is so great and I am so blessed in all my doings, now I need to pray that time slows down so I can enjoy it.  It goes by so fast and I am close to seven months in the mission! Wow.  How crazy. But all my life I have been preparing for this mission and now I'm living the dream, this will be my last two weeks and then I may leave my zone and go to some other part of Chile to preach the gospel, I love Quilpue!

Thank you for all your prayers love and your friendships, I use all of our experiences to develop the church of God! I love you.

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