Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6th, 2014

Okay so here is the plan for this letter, stories, more stories and experiences!  I loved this week and I have been feeling super good, healthy and spiritual fed, I even shared a super cool story about when my dad speared me like a deranged Indian when I was little! and yes, did all of it in Spanish! Wow what blessings! Also what I have figured out is that we all need revelation and blessings, without the help of the Lord we will all be lost, walking on an endless path to dark and bitter destruction.  We can not serve two masters, all of our decisions, every thought and word that leaves our tongue is in the service of one or the other, so who do you want to serve? 

Okay so lets start with the end of the week, general conference was a huge blast and I felt spiritually lifted after and I am so pumped to know that THERE IS A PROPHET OF GOD ON THE EARTH TODAY!  I know it, from the bottom of my heart to every fiber penetrating my body.  Never before have I felt that he was looking into my eyes, speaking like the Lord would speak to me, to insure me that there is hope, that I can make it back to my beloved master, we judge people on their works, and as citizens of the world today we all want to be working for a good boss or master, so why would we ever even think of serving the devil? Why would we ever put our lives in jeopardy for a master that has super ugly and nasty works?  The answer is no, and I know that we can all be servents to our good Shepard. what love I have for him, I can not express it enough!  These past couple of months have changed me forever, we always talk about conversion but what is really the case is I have converts and I have brought less active family's back to the church but I am not the missionary, I am the servant and I am only the mouth piece for my beloved master, in fact I am not the missionary for the converts, I AM THE CONVERT. 

We showed up to conference and we all watched it together at the stake center, which is really a blessing and I strongly incourage you all to start watching conference in our chapels and our stake centers, the spirit can be heard way more clearly when we are respecting the Lord in a shirt and tie than when we are sleeping on the bean bag to half muted conference! When we showed up I was surprised to find out that we would be watching it on this old 1980s television with other Americans in English!  It was pretty sweet and I felt like the words just seeped into my very soul and laughed about how easy it is to listen to English not Spanish, but the very most powerfull talks given where the ones in Spanish, que poderoso! It was fantastic to see how we all speak different languages but the lord speaks ONE LANGUAGE, and we all hear and understand that language right?  But after awhile I listened to it all in Spanish anyway to push myself and to show the people that I am here to be with them, talk with them and cry with them.

We spoke to our gangster friends and they are so funny!  They just had a bunch of baby ducks and geese so they have these herds running around and its great ha ha.  But the parents to these geese are super crazy and over protective freaks haha, but they asked me to tell them a story about I knew that God answered my prayers, I told them about how I carefully built a great spear out of a willow branch when I was about eight years old.  My dad then told me it was way too sharp and I would end up hurting myself and promptly cut off the dangerous tip of the spear, I then resharpened the spear and kept playing. After he cut the tip off another three times he told me he would teach me if it was dangerous, he told me to start running and he would then throw my dangerous spear at me!  Laughing and trusting in my dad I jogged off and then hearing a crazy war cry I see my dad throwing this now weapon of death at my head!  The next moment I was on the grass with blood and a spear in my head!  After he helped me come into the house I am super positive he did not want to take me to the hospital and have an awkward conversation about how I got a spear thrown at my head and I'm not sure of our financial situation at that moment but I know this, that we prayed for me to be okay and not have to get stitches, then I laid on our kitchen table and my dad played doctor with a bunch of super glue and fixed my ear!  From this experience from more than ten years ago I still remember the assurance that I had after I prayed, I know he answers our prayers!  They tought it was the coolest story ever and they started talking about a bunch of close calls they have had "working" which my companion told me was code for robbing and stealing. hahaha  But we also had a family come to church and hear the words of the prophet.

I want to tell you guys that this is the true church of god, I know it.....I simply know it, if you have not had a testimony of this great and merciful gospel before I encourage you to GO AND GET ONE!  We can not and will never serve two masters, so who do you want to serve?

My ward mission leader

My mission leader was part of this heavy metal band, but now
he is trying to make heavy metal spirtual music

Selfie before conference

At the Library

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