Sunday, October 26, 2014

October 20th, 2014

Man I have never walked so many hills before in my life!  But I feel like I'm not training I'm learning from all my companion has to offer, Spanish and lessons, he is a champ and we are starting to work better and better with each other and I hope that we will continue to rise up to the standards of the Lord which is pretty high but I think we can do it!  I really am starting to just sweat all the time but I love the cool nights and waking up to just sunshine and how its never cold! I don't know whats going to happen when I get back I'm going to die ha ha but this week was super spiritual with stories of drunks, more baptism dates and even more assignments!

Okay so first I want to tell you guys again that my district is made up of the zone leaders, and the sister trainers. so they are all studs but they are champs! but one of my zone leaders got transferred out and I heard that a zone leader from la serena might be coming you know what that means!!!!!!!!!! Elder Artiga my old companion might be in my district! awwwww I would freak out hahaa but that is the news with the district, we have in total five baptism dates, three are coming from our sector so right now we are the little young hotshots running around Valpo! 

On a side note, I don't have fleas, whats up!

I have to say adjusting to the city life is a little bit different but I love it so much and we are working on so many things that I hope will be able to have a ton of blessings come are way, i am so sorry for all the bad letters now, I just have so much work to do that I am writing like nuts to write all of you guys. but this week was super spiritual and I have to tell you about this lady, her name is Patricia A., she is our new investigator with a baptism date for the second of November, and I am positive that we can baptise her.   As well as our other dates, she is the most pure loving lady that has ever walked this planet and she wants to be apart of the relief society haha.  She lives by herself so that social activity is super fantastic for her! I hope she progresses enough to be baptized

Crazy story of the week, 

we where on this trolley and someone went nuts and popped the tire while it was moving, the tire shattered and it hit like five women in the street who started screaming and running around or laying on the ground, when the trolley stopped we all hopped off and then these guys started to brush past people and rob them. like secretly tho, it was a pretty strange experience, also there are tons of car accidents her in Valpo. 

I love you all and I am so sorry this weeks letter was super bad, but mom I also need the recipe for corn bread, we found a bunch of corn flour hahaha.  So who knows what will happen!  My companion is great and everything will be fine with him, I hope that we will all get baptisms but what is most important is I wish that we all can become a little bit more like Jesus-

This is Mario with his gun remember them? hahaha
They are awesome and I miss them so much!
This is my protector when I was in quilpue, ya.  Mario my Gangster friend!

My mom in Chile made me a mini me, Haha.  It's a little doll that looks like me
and it has my same shoes.

Mini Me doll that I was given when I left Quilpe

My favorite family here in Quilpue

Study Sesh




I love you all

Quilipe zone October 2014

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