Saturday, October 18, 2014

October 13th, 2014: New Sector! Valpo!

Well my beloved brothers and sisters, I have finally been transferred out of the city of the sun and I am now in the midst of this huge city of Valporasio!  And guess what! I am loving it!  I am in the new sector of Rodelillo  and its like this huge hill that is more like a mountain that we climb every single day, and what else is crazy is that I am a district leader, new sector and I am finishing the last half of my companions training, so crazy huh? As you can imagine I have been super stressed out and I have been running him to the ground but I love this life and I love this sector and in fact I love the work of the Lord which is missionary work!  The name of my companion is Elder Ammirati and he is from Colorado and he is a stud we are working hard and our legs feel like jelly this past weekend because we have been going nuts, right now is only four days we got three baptism dates planned and we are rocking and rolling like some mad men on wheels haha.  I love everything about this zone and my companion, I know that I have a lot to work on and my Spanish is okay but not that great, I need a lot to work on and improve especially in the Christlike area, my comps Spanish is super good for only being here in three months and I  feel like I need to improve so much but its starting to get harder with a American comp, he is a little cocky and thinks he knows everything but we are getting along and I was like him at the start of my mission and so we will all progress just fine.

Our first investigator with a baptism date is Oscar.   He is like eighty years old and trying to quit smoking, right know he is down to only one a day and he is off then as we speak, he is going to get baptised on the 25 of October if he can stop smoking long enough.  He has had about six appearances in the church so problems with him coming to church is not a problem but what is a problem is this terrible addiction to stop smoking!  What in the world are we going to do to make him quit? We went to Young Womens and got about twenty pictures of Jesus to post around his house and he said that he does not want to smoke in the presence of Jesus haha.  So that's a pretty easy way to solve the problem, then he does not go outside with any money so he then can not buy his cigs.  He is progressing and he is the first on the list to baptise but probably the hardest and I hope he can kick this addiction and be baptized.  I love him so much already and he says when he quits smoking he feels younger! haha  He also dyed his hair jet black so he would look pretty cool in the baptism font.  I pray with all  my heart that he will be baptised and feel the love of the Savior in his life like I feel it in mine right now.

Jorge is our other new investigator that we found and he is a young single father who wants to become like a Child of God and for that we got his baptism date for the 26 of October.  Oh one more thing with Oscar is that he will be baptised on a Saturday and then he will receive the holy Ghost on Sunday "the same Sunday Jorge will be baptized"  So this week will be crazy cool!  I love it so much, preparing people to be baptised is one way to feel the spirit let me tell you!  The story on how we found him was we where running for this appointment because we where late and then stopping to look at our plans we realized that we were one hour early! Fail!  But what is cool is we looked at this house and felt strongly that we needed to contact it.  Then after finding him we taught a super powerful first lesson and then he was committed to be baptised! This week he was inviting members to his baptism and I feel like he is a sure deal!  He also has his daughter who will be eight years old on the 26 of December ,  So we hope that he can have the priesthood and baptise his daughter! que bueno!

Pricilla is a piece of work, our third baptism that we got this weekend and she is going to be baptised on the 2 of November hich is super close by the way and super sweet!  She has had a bunch of religions washed around her brain and all she wants was the truth, we then taught the first lesson and found the spirit so strongly that it was almost knife cutting thick! I hope she will be a good convert, she as well as Jorge are a single member family and I hope that coming to church will not be a problem with her!

Sorry but I don't have that much time today.  I have a ton of stuff that I need to do and I feel a little stressed but I love you all.  I know that I am not perfect in the language, I can speak without fear and teach lessons but I still need to improve.  I know that i might not be the best "dad" in the mission but I'm trying to learn it all at once.  What I do know is the power of the gospel and how it changes lives, I love this work and I love running around in the work of the Lord!  I pray for you all and I am so glad for all your love and your blessings!

p.s:  I also want you all to know that I got this killer package with all these Hershey kisses and gummy bears but with notes from all of you guys! I loved it so much and it really was a treat to end a hard week!

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