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October 27th, 2014: Shoes, Headaches and Tons of other stuff

Hello my beautiful family! How is the Utah fall going on? I love that time of year and I love all the colors of the leaves! I just want you guys to know that I am super close to one year of having my mission call! That's so weird huh? I was thinking about it when I was writing in my journal last night! One year with the mission call put into my life, a call that would really change who I am, how I would think act and talk, I am a missionary and I will be a missionary for life, it does not matter where I am or what language leaves my mouth but I will be a missionary for my whole life and I encourage you all to do the same! This week I was running around doing everything in this city and I had my first baptism interviews, and I even had additional study time this week, I will tell you why in a little bit haha but the other thing was my comp has these shoes that have worn down so bad it started to tear his socks and the soles where all gone in them, it sounds worse then it was but them I just went to work!  Also my comp got some seriously bad headaches and was feeling super sick so he went home and slept and I read the first 40 chapters of the Doctrine and Covenants......ya it was that type of week.

So lets start with the shoes, I went nuts and all "Young Women" and started fixing shoes and really I am so glad for the other testimony I have of how great my mom is.  She is such a great example of how we need to make it happen and how talented she really is! Mom this is a note for you, I love you so much!  Thank you for all your help!  But I sat there and was hearing him talk about how he was going to buy new shoes and I just stopped him and said, pass them over hear, then I went nuts and made a bunch of new shoes, don't worry pictures are on the way!  But what happened I took out the little insert things and I cut out three identical looking inserts out of cardboard and I taped them together and I even streched a tight plastic bag over them so they would not get to wet if it rains!  Then I slipped them back in and re put the inserts in and boom! New shoes!  He was so freaking stoked and I was so surprised to see that he liked them and they fit great and now we are cruising around with him and new shoes!  Just start calling me the shoe maker from now on haha!  Don't worry I have pictures, it was one of those I am going to fake it until i make it moments haha and I really can not believe it worked out so well! Anyway so that was my little arts and crafts time of the week!  I hope that you all know that when you need a new pair of shoes let me fix your old ones first hahahahahahahahahahaha jk  I want a real job but if you ever need a quick fix use cheerio boxes and scotch tape.

Okay so hear is the thing that happened to my companion that is super sad!  He has suffered from headaches and migraines for his whole life so when he got one it was super bad. like he looked way sick and we where in a lesson and he could not even speak or look at the light, so what happened is we called the nurse and he was told to go home and take a nap, this happened at about six sunday night so for three hours I went on to care for my companion, not lying he did everything himself though, he just straight up passed out and slept for like 13 hours tho.  So I was by myself in our apartment with no food, but spiritual food!  So I wrote in my journal and read a bunch of the scriptures about Noah and the D&C and a bunch of that stuff.  I have to admit it was really weird and I never felt so alone before! ever!  It was so strange to be alone and I was so glad that I had the chance to call and talk to my district!  The mission life is changing me and alone time is like death haha.  I don't like it one little bit!  But my companion is doing better and he is still pretty tired but he is moving around now so that's better.  This p day will be super easy and all we will do is go back to our apartment!

So about the work of the Lord.  We hit up tons and tons of lessons and I feel like I am running my comp and I to the ground but we are making progress slowly and surely! I hope that we will find all these new investigators and get them to church pretty quickly so they can be baptised and make that connection with God!"  Oscar smoked another cigarette the day before his baptism interview so we had to cancel everything and re work the whole Oscar situation, and this week was super hard because all of our investigators have a problem with tithing. I understand that it is a hard commandment and I know because I have been working on keeping it my whole life but this week all of my investigators did not want to live this commandment!  It was super hard and it was a blow to our confidence but we know that once they get a answer from God they will respond! Every single lesson was hard and we ran forever!  I am getting in better and better shape and I cant believe how fast we can make it up this huge hill! 

I want to end my letter about two words, disappointment and discouragement.  They are two words that are commonly used the same but are completely different!  Disappointment is when we love, we have so much love for our friends and family and when they don't follow the commandments of the Lord and when they all fall its super hard and we get disappointed, but we need to be reminded that when we start to think of everything bad and then that's when we get discouraged, that is from Satan.  We can not let that happen, he was an angel of light before he got discouraged and look at him now, its okay to be disappointed but then we need to think of how we can be better to never feel that way again, never ever get discouraged in this life, we are sons of God!  I love you all!

These pictures are from Quilipe

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