Sunday, November 9, 2014

November 3rd, 2014: Halloween!

Man last Halloween I was dressed up as a nerd with a shirt tucked in and a tie with pens in my shirt and even a calender, this Halloween I was dressed up exactly the same!  How weird is that?  Man I need to get with the program and learn how to dress up! Halloween really is pretty different here than in the states and there is just a bunch of rebellious stuff that goes on here and really its down right lame, I was going to sleep to crazy music and laughter and I really did feel like I was getting flashed back to my college days! But what a life I have been having here is Valparaiso!  I have never felt such great blessings before in my life, conversion is a life long task and I have this hunger for the gospel like I have never felt before!  What blessings haha and there was some pretty sketchy moments that happened and I was so glad that my companion and I are obedient and our plans to baptize! Yeah life rocks!

Good news, we will be baptising this week! Patricia is ready and we hope Valentina is ready as well!  We talked to Patricia and she is so funny I love it!  Her middle name is "from the snow" it is so cool and she asked me to baptise her!  That was a bummer because I wanted my companion Elder Ammirati to baptise her!  He has not baptised yet so when she said my name it just killed me a little bit, but I hope that Valentina will let him baptize! He is such a great example to me and everyone around him.  We also have someone that looks like Scarface in our ward.  That was cool!

We also got attacked by dogs but my companion went karate on them and we escaped!  It was so cool,

just a side note, we ran out of gas and we would not buy new gas because right now it is super expensive so we took cold showers for a whole week and boiled eggs in our electric water heater, it was a great experience and funny to hear my comp put his whole body under the water  it was like gasps and pants hahahaahahahahahah.   But this week was progressing super well until we talked to Jorge, Jorge is our less active member who we were trying to get to go on a mission but then we where talking to him and he told us how much he loves us and trusts us then told us he just barely got a girl pregnant and is going to be a dad!  He is 17 and the girl is 14!  It made me think of my sister and I am so glad that we were raised in the church, but he just blew it big time,

I love you guys so much and I hope that you have a great Holiday season!  Football is in the air and lots of food! I am so pumped for Christmas and the chance I get to talk to my family!

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