Tuesday, November 11, 2014

November 10th, 2014: Week by Week

What a week it has been! Its been a little bit crazy with lots of running around and eating weird stuff!  This week was hard because we had a terrible experience with my companions grandma passing away, and one of our investigators did not pass her interview......and our other investigator who we love so much could not get baptised because of her dad and the things he said destroyed her, oh how blessed we are to be in a gospel that loves and focuses on family's!  I can not describe how much love I feel for everyone of my family members!  Especially how we can be together forever through this eternal plan! I know this is the true gospel of the Lord and I feel myself changing everyday as I strive to be the best leader possible and how I try to follow our beloved savior.  I love the quote by president Boyd K Packer that says "WE ARE NOT OBEDIENT BECAUSE WE ARE BLIND, WE ARE OBEDIENT BECAUSE WE CAN SEE.  I love this quote and I love the fact that it is true, I really am learning a ton about how to follow gods commandments. I also know now that we often get confused with one of the most important lessons and commandments of Jesus Christ, be ye therefore perfect........what a hard commandment right?  But we can overcome this by trials and mistakes, if we are too scared to try how will we ever succeed?  We must be like those young 2000 stripling warriors and go out and follow the commandments without a fear or a doubt, yes we will make mistakes and like those 2000 young brethren we may fall from the weight of our sins or the loss of blood but they kept getting up, and the would not go down and forget there master, they knew their Lord and God and I know mine personally, I testify that there is a course out there for you and I and I will do everything I can to be an example of the believers.

Okay so after that tragic incident with my companion we had to get our animo back up so we left on an adventure and took a bus to this mountain city that reminded me a ton about the states, they even had a McDonald's so we got so full that night.  We where suffering but it was a animo booster, also I guess that no one told me but monopoly is back at McDonald's and guess who won a small fry for free?  I did! Power to the Americans!  We walked back up laughing and yelling ganaste! jajajaja  It was hilarious because Latinos never win I guess.  But we had a great time in Placilla. 

What has been super hard for me this week was I was and still am kind of sick, I got a blessing from our zone leaders when I was wearing sweaters outside in the middle of the day because it has been super cold for me but its really hot out here and I was not getting to hot!  But I am getting better and I am proud to say that I have not missed a day of work for my own problems, I have always been ready and will always work until my body does not move, this is the lords work, I love it so much and I will die for this cause, hahaha  I also cant wait to rest and my companion says that the black marks under my eyes wont go away so I am a sickly looking fellow, also I lost more weight so I am sitting at about 152 pounds right now........... I think I need to eat more!

Speaking of eating we ran out of food and because of our work hours and lessons it was impossible to buy food so we cooked everything we had, we put this weird pasta with mayo and Chile powder. yuck, also with oatmeal we put chocolate powder and made no bake cookies, so we had six plates off no bake cookies in our fridge but nothing else!  But we had some crazy adventures with food!

Valentina, my dear little ten year old who was so ready to get baptised but her dad called from the Dominican Republic and told me that she will never be baptised like he was......he was super drunk and made all of us cry, but he will not let her be baptized it was so sad! I don't want to talk about it to much but it blew me away......

Sorry guys but I don't have to much time,  But I love you all!


Planning for a District Meeting.  I call it Inspiration,
it looks like my room with Luke,  HAHAHAHAHAH

No Bake cookies for three days!

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