Sunday, November 23, 2014

November 17th, 2014: Week before Transfers

Okay I will be super brief about some of the stuff that went down this week, one of the craziest things ever! dog fights and crazy bad situations. also we are going to be having transfers this Wednesday and I can not believe how fast this change has gone, also we sent off Christmas packages this week so I am hoping they will make it to you!  Please be cool and do not open them until Christmas, its not much but its the best I could do!  We had what is known as a bounce back week and here we are and we will get this baptism this week with Maria, if you don't remember her she is the one who was waving us down and asking us if we could baptise her!  It was such a confidence booster, but we will also be waiting to hear from the doctor about when Patricia's surgery is and when we can then plan for baptism! I love this work so much and I love the fact that I can be the servant of the Lord for all these people, but that means we should never but our guard down or we will always fall.  I don't want you guys to freak out but my companion and I got into a sticky situation and I will tell you more about it......

But first we have been seeing some crazy dog fights going on and they get so vicious and horrible with blood and pain, I don't like it very much and just proves to me that really I am a democrat at heart hahahahaha  But we have been making a ton of progress with Maria, she really is crazy though, like super crazy,  She has read the Book of Mormon already and knows the pamphlets by heart and so she is ready to be baptized!  I was getting nervous and I am still pretty nervous that she has already been baptised before but she does not pop up in the records!  So I guess she will get baptised! I can not express the funny things that she does! She lives in the most poor circumstances that I have ever seen, for example using a five gallon bucket for a bathroom and I also think she does not too much, its so humbling but I know that the Lord will bless her life in so many ways and all I need to do is have the faith that she will be a faithful member to receive these blessings!  She will have her interview tomorrow at 12 in the morning. I hope that she passes with flying colors, we have been working our bums off and I hope that one of us does not get transferred and have to miss out on the fruits of our labors!  Man how bad would that suck! 

My Spanish is getting better and I know that I am learning every day and I can teach and preach the gospel with out trouble, but I am learning and the goal is fluent, I wont back down from that. 

Okay are you ready for the sticky situation of the week, I feel so awful for this and I was so dumb! okay here we go so we were walking into a house of a recent converts and they were having a party for there grandmas 70th birthday and they had this huge blue cake with lots of frosting and sprinkles but also a ton of pineapple. We met them and I trust them with my life because they are good converts and faithful as well so they sat us down and gave us this piece of cake, a huge piece of cake and I was so hungry so we all started to eat at this cake, it had this super weird taste to it and I thought that it was the pineapple being super strong so we kept eating, then at like the last bite I was feeling a little bit weird and I smelled the cake and it smelt funny, I look over at my comp and my mouth just dropped open, he was sniffing at it as well and we started talking about the cake and it was an alcoholic cake!  This store baked this cake and then they poured one liter of rum over this cake to keep it soft. I was wondering why is was so moist! ugh So then I started to feel it hit me and we called and told president as fast as we could and he understood perfectly that it WAS NOT OUR FAULT AND WE HAD NO IDEA.  Their kids where even eating this cake. so then we just ended our night at like nine and walked home and I was stumbling like a freaking drunk to the house.  My comp did not eat half of it before we found out!  How dumb is that!  First time being drunk and its on the mission.  I was losing myself pretty bad.  But by the morning it was over and with that horrible experience passing I felt better about the week!

Well that's all that happened hahaha.  It was a wild one, we gave the sister missionaries another blessing.  They are really going through some challenges but they are awesome!  Well ya we will see if I am still here next week, love you guys so much!

Christmas Spirit in Chile

We really dont know why this thing is on this stick.  
Haha we think its Maria's job to be santa

Photo on Maria's front porch

Elder Ammirati

Christmas Photo from Chile!

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