Monday, November 24, 2014

November 24th, 2014: New Companion, Baptism and Tons of Miracles!

Okay so here is the new news from Chile!  I got my new comp! wooooooooooooow!  I really thought that I would have another change with Elder Ammirati but guess what?  Life goes on!  On the day of the transfers we got our call, with the suspense seriously hanging over us we heard the news that cut us like a knife, Elder Ammirati was leaving so we packed him all up and when he was packing we got another phone call that gave me another job! I was called to be a new trainer for a new kid, like so new that he was still green!   So what happened is I got another call saying that president wanted to have a talk with me!  He talked to me and told me that I was going to have a comp, Samoan, he is from Samoa!  He is so cool and I love him so much!  His name is Elder Puefua and he is a spiritual giant.  He was also a marine before the mission.  Turns out he is a happy dude that goes with the flow and laughs and sings a lot.  Of course not church songs! This missionary has potential!  He is super strong and we have had some great experiences already in the mission and I hope that they will continue again!

Also in the news of how my Spanish is coming I have learned more Spanish in a couple of days than in months so I think that because I'm literally teaching all the lessons and I am doing everything I had to learn, and with my call as a district leader and other things I am really stressed and overwhelmed sometimes then I hear my big old Samoan sing "somewhere over the rainbow" and it makes me calm down and I look back with a smile hug him and ask "what hymn is that" hahahahahaha  I love him so much and who would of thought that a new kid would be the one who teaches me the most Spanish!  He is totally not fluent but understanding and getting better!

Hey my house flooded this past week!  So we finished our last p day and where walking around teaching the gospel and guess what!  We got this crazy call from the pensioner, or the main missionary over the whole housing for the mission saying that there are some screaming angry Chilean women in our house saying it was full of water!  So we freaked out and ran home thinking we where getting robbed!  Turns out that our toilet got ripped in half! the toilet literally broke apart in two Pieces spraying water all over the place!  I felt like Eddie Murphy from daddy day care as I looked and there was water on the walls and the ceiling of our house!  There was seriously five inches of water in our house and we live in the top floor!  It spilled out and was running down the stairs like a waterfall! so we come running around this hill and see women running around with handfuls of garments and stuff that's soaking wet!  Then when we showed up they finally cut the water to the whole apartment and everyone was dripping wet!  It was so gross and we opened all the windows, someone broke Elder Ammiratis bed and we ended up sleeping in wet clothes in wet blankets with the windows open trying to dry everything out!  I woke up with like the chills and we had no dry clothes and this was two days before transfers!  Elder Ammiratis stuff must of been like seriously wet still as we loaded his stuff into wet suitcases hahahahahahaha  Wow what crazy stories of the mission!

Miracles! okay so I am here to talk to you about miracles!  Read doctrine and covenants 76.

Another miracle, we were contacting this house and my companion was feeling sick because he hates beans, lemons, and other things that are only eaten in Chile, so he was hungry and tired and I did not want him to have a new missionary freak out so we knelt down on this fifth floor apartment complex and I prayed to let us know who to teach and what I should be doing to help us progress and then we get up.  I hug him and do what my mom always does and says how much she loves me!  Then as we are walking away with my arm around him a door opens from behind and a lady sticks her head out!  We went back and talked to her and she was almost in tears and she let us in and we talked to her and I shared the first lesson with her and my comp had some crazy spiritual experiences and testimony's as well!  Then I felt that this was the perfect thing to boost my comps animo. I told him to invite her to be baptized!  He looked at his agenda and asked this beautiful investigator to be baptized!  She said yes and started to cry.  The spirit was so strong and as we where talking we asked why she opened the door, she said that she was watching tv and she heard the voice of her son " one that lives super far away and never visits" yelling something.  I was taken back and asked what and she said "mama, mama, hurry and open the door! you need to open the door!"  And she said she literally ran and opened the door and there we were standing there walking away and it was this crazy experience that was so spiritual and beautiful!  What  a blessing that I have to be in this work and to have the gospel in my life all the time that I can recognize this work and the Holy Ghost.  How awesome!  I love this place so much!  It was such a miracle!

Also speaking of baptisms we had one!  MARIA!  She was baptised and I baptised her!  Remember she was the one who came running over to tell us she wanted to get baptized?  Well it gets better!  She was baptised! hahahahahahahahaha  I love the fruits of our labor!  It was such a beautiful service and I was crying "thanks dad" and she was as well and when she came out of the water she looked so......stunning and glowing it was unbelievable! what blessings!

We also found a new family that will be baptized in December as well!  How awesome is that!  A family of three who are really cool and super strong in there beliefs in god.  I believe Elder Puefua is key in all this work.  He is my little luck charm!  My big ole Samoan!  I love that kid.  fotos are on the way!

Love you all!  This work is hasting over here and I really am losing myself!  Its about all my life, dreams thoughts actions and everything. lo amo mucho! 

Elder Passey

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