Monday, December 8, 2014

December 1st, 2014

Mom! Happy Thanksgiving! Guess what! For this thanksgiving or Friday I guess I went to the presidents house with all the other district leaders and we ate lunch and had a great lesson on how to be leaders, I am definitely here to be with this group of people and with these investigators!  The story of the week is I got asked out by a girl hahaha So I still got some game I guess.  But I just walked away and my comp was like dude why did you walk away from that contact she seemed super interested! I asked him if he understood, he said no and I explained and he laughed saying how goofy I am, I guess that we are super goofy on the mission and we change a lot but now when looking back on my past life that was weird and crazy I am utterly astonished at what has happened to me haha  I have been through so many crazy and spiritual experiences and I cant believe that I have been heartbroken by investigators and laughed till I cried in the same day! Emotions are a funny thing!  But this week was really good, we had a bunch of progress in our zone and we are looking for a brighter future ahead!

Today and this letter is all about patience and how we can handle it, for those who really know me know I am not too patient but I am learning!  We had this huge battle with our mamita, I don't know if I told you guys but I was sick of the way she was treating us, she was calling us the most dirty and sloppy missionary's she has ever seen and how we need to learn how to stop being pigs and stuff. the other thing that bugged me was how she uses three liters of soap in almost one week, sometimes two, that's two batches of laundry which consists of seven shirts, socks and pairs of garments and maybe pajamas!  Man what a joke!  So I don't know to much about laundry granted but I went and told her if she really needed to spend all that laundry on one batch of clothes.  She then told me that in "my ignorant culture" its not a problem but here you have to be clean! huh funny but the USA is so much cleaner then here, anyway so I decided I am going to switch mamitas and I switched to this one lady who reminds me of my mom so much I love her!  "Don't worry mom I will send pictures" but anyway it was really cool and I talked and switched but it took a lot of patience and she was very angry, I realized though that patience is not showing your anger until after you Can let off the steam for just a little bit longer, I love learning all these attributes of Christ!

I learned a ton this week about being a leader and about how a leader "shows how"  I love this phrase and I will use it for the rest of my life, how can we be leaders in this world and not show how? I don't understand that haha but we will always be great examples to this world we first lead by example, we look for those little lost sheep and we first show how to come back into the fold, but once we are working with individuals and not a group as a whole we need to focus on them and how we can show how.  But I love all my one on ones I have been having with president lately.  It's been motivating me a ton and I really love all this support and how I can really act in the name of the Lord.

Quick note, the love I have been showing and feeling for these people is huge, no words can physically describe the love and the pain I feel when people chose decisions in this world!

I love you guys so much!

Sorry this letter is short today but hey I want to tell you about my prayer lady haha  We asked her to start from the first of the Book of Mormon and what happened was incredible, she is now in one week in Third Nephi! what!!!!!!!!! She could not come to church last Sunday but I hope she is improving. 

Love you all a bunch and do not open my Christmas gifts!

This are pictures from The District meeting with the President

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