Monday, December 29, 2014

December 29th, 2014: Feliz Navidad

Wow what a great Christmas it was that we have been so blessed to be together! I loved talking to my family on Christmas and it was so peaceful in seeing that they really are having a wonderful time out in the USA! haha  This Christmas has been super humbling for me in many ways and I have been so blessed my whole life to know that this day is the day of our Lord and Savior.  We spent Christmas sweating under the ever penetrating sun and I can not even begin to describe how happy I am!  When was the last time I had to put sunscreen on at Christmas? I'd say never!  We had some great blessings this week and it was full of miracles and spiritual blessings! I'm so happy for this great week!

So first I want to talk about my goals for the new year, in preach my gospel it talks a bunch about how we need to better our understanding of the attributes of Christ, so what I will do is I thought of twelve of the most precious attributes that I want to study, fast, and learn about and for the next year.  I will be focusing on only one a month until next December!  It will be amazing and I have confidence that I will be richly blessed!  But we only receive blessings when we work hard and have faith so I will be continually working to see how it goes!  And don't worry I will always right about it and we will see if I change by the end of the year!  What I might start out with is patience! It is amazing and I need to learn more and more of it everyday to get into this world and be a disciple of Jesus Christ.

We celebrated Christmas with a family that is getting ready for baptism and I am so stoked for all the pictures that I have!  We did a secret Santa thing and I cant tell you how strong the spirit was there when we opened the presents on the stair outside their house and hearing the little girl say that it was the best Christmas she has ever received!  The only thing I bought that wonderful angel is lotion and perfume but she started to cry and I cant believe how lucky I have been blessed to live where I have been living my whole life!  Like I said before this was the most beautiful Christmas I have ever had in my life! I can not even begin to describe it!

Mom the family I interviewed passed and was baptised on Saturday, a mom and her twelve year old daughter! It was so great and I love how happy they felt when I was able to say" Pamela, Francisca, you are ready to follow our savior and be baptised and all of us crying through the last prayer was arguable the best Christmas present in the world.

My comp and I will be having changes New Years eve and to say the least I am tired, stressed and happy all at the same time!  What blessings! but its been sad, I have been training for three months now and feel like I could have done better and will do better if I get the chance again!  But we still don't know who will go and who will stay so I hope that everything will go well and I will be sending a bunch of pictures next week of my new comp if I get one!

Also Luke stop flirting with my bishops daughter,,,,,,,,,,gross

And Rachel you wear make up?

Nate looks like some hipster

Mom and Dad I love you all so much.

Merry Christmas!

oh p.s. Pray a lot for my city right now!  This is fire season and we have already had four fires in my hill alone! people are lighting fireworks off.......not a smart idea, or throwing there cigarettes into dry grass, please pray that this year we can keep the fires under control!

Christmas with the Garrido family

Thought you would like this, Look how skinny I look!

Me saying goodbye to 2014

MARIO!  My favorite game character

They were on this trolley thing

My Comp, Elder Puefua

Picture of my district!  Elder Sanchez high up on the chair and Elder Nash far left, Me in the red tie, Elder Puefua far right and Sister Page bottom and family she is from Concord North Carolina!  She says her mom can make a better apple pie but I quickly responded that no one can beat my grandmas pie! And then Hermana Hansen on the bottom right, she is from Seattle.

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