Monday, December 8, 2014

December 8th, 2014: Dream On!

Hey guys! I am here loving life! I cant believe how much I have changed! Its so funny to hear all the things that have been going on this Christmas season! I love hearing stories from my companion about how life is back in the "states" hahaahahahaha  I realized that I have been out for awhile, haha Man I am getting old in the mission and I love looking back on the perspective of life in how I have changed in just nine or ten months. Its so crazy! love life and I love living it! But we had a good time and now maria is a member of the church! She got confirmed last Sunday! wheew! I was stressing abut it. I am seriously turning into dad! 

First off happy birthday dad! This is a shout out to my beloved father who not only helped me along the way but he literally taught me the best way possible, by example.  I love him so much and i love how he taught me that sometimes the lord teaches us the hard way, not to make us discouraged but to help us become better people. sometimes we become prideful or stiff necked humans who will only learn from hard things, but we need to use these hard things for the benefits of our lives.  Once we become disciples of Christ we need to do something even more, we need to go teach it! How dare we be followers of Christ and not do what he has told us to do?  To share! That is why I love my dad, he is sharing the gospel with so many people and I am so happy to have him as my father, everything in my life has been modeled after him, so I want to say thank you, but mostly I love you dad, you let me choose who I wanted to become, and here I am receiving the gospel of God!  I love that man! Best stories of my dad is obviously when he speared me in the head, when I knocked out my teeth and he drove me to the dentist like fast and furious style, all of our ski trips where I ended up being better then him at the end of the day while he would go sit and sleep in the car hahah. Also when we would go train dogs in the swamps, I love him!  Also when he would do a back flip off the tramp and then be sore for a month hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha,  Dad don't worry we will be fit together when I get back.

So going off the topic of my father I am turning into a worry wart. I believe that it is a habit that comes with sharing the gospel, the whole go with the flow thing has come and gone as I am now rushing around finding out who needs what and how I can magnify my calling!  I love it but I was feeling so much stress and I have been fasting so much for Maria to get confirmed that I was sick.  She went completely dark for like a week straight and after a lot of fasting we ended up finding her and finding out what has been going on.  Now she was with her dad but she ended up coming back to get confirmed and I loved seeing her there with a new kind of glow that I have never seen before and it was a good job moment!  We are having so much success and I cant wait to experience it again!  It really makes me so happy to see people feel the Holy Ghost in their lives, seriously how great a life she will now have, hard yes but joyful of course!

Today we are helping our family that will be baptised on the 21 if everything goes to plan.  We set up a Christmas tree! it is so special and I am so pumped for Christmas, no lie.  Though I feel that it is not even close to Christmas as I sit here looking out over the ocean and the nice heat hahaha  Is there snow yet?  Super random question. But they are doing really well, Tomara is the mom, Alison is 12 years old and Kathrine is 23, a family raised without the gospel, but they will be brought into the flock.  I love this family so much that I cant wait for them to be baptised! 

We also ate some weird food and honestly I have no idea what it was, it killed my comp hahaha.  It was like salty bread in water with beans and the lockness monster all in one! haha  But glad to say that I won! Mom I don't know the time yet for Christmas, but we will know next monday.  Will you make sure my Skye works and everything?  Thank you!  I love you all so much!

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