Sunday, December 28, 2014

December 22nd, 2014

What a week it has been! I'm seriously in love with all the seasons but mostly in love with the fact that I am serving with the greatest zone, companion and spirit of revelation exists! What a great tool we can receive if we are faithful and if we are working with contagious spirits!  We had a lot of things happen and we found a bunch of crazy investigators and its super sad to see how Satan takes over, really I can see peoples spirits yearning to break free and be saved, men, women and children are always screaming to break free of their natural man! I can see it in every single investigators eyes but what is super sad is how there "natural man" wont let them break free of all these horrible sins and addictions.  A light that can be found in everybody's eyes gets dashed and clouded over by harsh words, immoral actions and blinding humility. In these things I have learned that as missionary's we can only do so much to help them, there comes a moment in there lives where it's necessary for one to chose to break loose of these chains that are continually trying to drag us down and endless misery We all can do it!  It's not important if we are all the way drunk or just a random error, the secret my beloved family and friends is the gift of the atonement.  What people often think of as chains dragging us to our fate is not true! WE HAVE THE KEY to unlock us from those chains!  But we need to battle with the natural man to become more like Christ, who lived in this world but truly was not of this world, being perfectly perfect may not be possible but why not try?  Trying is the action to perfection, If god sees that then we will always win in the end.

Our family got so close to being baptised but they let there natural man win again and did not show up to church. They will be great members and they all have testimony's but the action of coming to church is super hard for them, really i don't know what else to do for them, they really need to start progressing and going to church to feel the spirit! ugh!!!!! Brings me to tears haha so then my companion and I sat on our beds last night and ate chocolate and listened to church music "family's can be together forever" man it was like we just got dumped haha  But it helped!  So we will see what their doing today because we have a lot of things planned in how we could help them and we also are going to be spending Christmas with them this year, it will definitely be super humbling! I can not begin to describe to you how it makes me feel seeing people living like this and knowing how blessed I am to be working where I am right now, there are worst places to be in South America. seriously I have heard some weird stories so I am fine with all of that and I love my mountain hills of Valpo and all the trash and dogs haha  But what they really have to do is put taxes on stuff! its a little under two dollars to buy 2 liters of beer here, if fact sometimes its cheaper then coke,,,,,,, wow hahaha  You know a country is a little off when..... 

Crazy story of the week Maria V. my convert had a pretty crazy break down this week and we listened to her cry as she just dumped her boyfriend, and how he left all these beer bottles all over the floor and dirt!  So I did what my companion Elder Artiga had us do when we had a bad week, we wrote all the bad stuff that has been happening and shoved it all into three beer bottles and chucked then as far as we could off this cliff and watched them bounce and break and it really was funny to see her running and throwing these things as hard as possible! She would start screaming and throw this bottle super far!  The sister missionary's in my district are so awesome and they gave her a skirt and some shoes!  What blessing it is to have great friends in my district!

My companion and I are getting along great, sometimes we argue but its okay because we are always learning and he has really, really, REALLY helped me with my patience!  Yesterday a ward member told me that if I would even hope to have a successful marriage I would have to date and marry a Latina haha because all the American girls in the world are not following the example of Christ and are not patient servers like Latinas hahahahahahaha I about blew up and freaked because she is always hitting me with low blows but I kept my cool and then she called my companion a pig hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha  It's not his fault that he eats food fast!

Love you all so much!

These are Pictures from the latest zone conference:
I was asked to speak in front of two Zone's

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