Monday, December 15, 2014

December 15th, 2014: What a crazy week!

Well lets see what happened this week huh? First, we are working hard, we have baptism dates but our family did not show up to church, what I have come to realize is that one decision can change a world, one prayer restored the gospel, one mother and father helped raise the son of god and lastly one decision for not coming to church can leave missionary's in tears.  Mom I have not received the Christmas package yet but its coming!

Okay so lets talk about what I really need to do better and what I can do to make my dreams become a reality. First lets talk about beliefs, beliefs are a lazy's persons way of saying they follow something, while faith on the other hand is completely different.  When we believe its great.  When we have faith and we are humble before the Lord we can receive great blessings and great answers!  Faith is everything!  We can believe anything we want but with faith it becomes possible, I have FAITH in my savior and that his infinite sacrifice has reached out and taught me and wrapped me up in hugs and comfort.  I love the fact that I am here working as hard as I can to be as positive as possible and to be a better teacher through love and patience.  As I looked in the index I have come to find that patience is the ultimate definition of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  So what will I do to be better?  Think before I blindly act and do whatever I can to listen to the spirit and say what the spirit tells me.  The Holy Ghost will show what I need to do to become a even better teacher and disciple of Christ!

Another thing that was really funny this week was that we were teaching and contacting this guy outside and his wife opened up the door and she was from some other church and started to yell and say we where devils and stuff so I answered and we had a great conversation but then she started to speak in Hebrew, like Hebrew, I knew instantly it was a different language and I asked specifically what it was and she told me that it was the language of the lord and his real words teaching me......odd right but his wife just kind of laughed but the best part is when we where walking away I was just blown away about how she went that far to talk to us in Hebrew and my companion was talking to me and he said "man I'm really new because i did not understand any of her Spanish!" hahahahaha  He thought she was speaking Spanish the whole time!  It made me laugh and hug him a bit.  But ya we also have been learning a lot together and we talk a lot and he often corrects me on what I should be doing better, it bugs me at first but looking on it during the night before sleep takes its toll on my worn down body I think of how right he is and the love I have for him grows even more, its really incredible!  But its the thing that I really want to learn is how to listen!

There is one other thing that happened that was really cool! We had a zone conference and really I love learning from president and all the wisdom he has and this bond that i feel like we have built. I'm so glad that I could have learned at such a young age the importance of hero's.  We need to follow hero's to be better and he is one of my hero's and the first and best hero's is my dad.......even though he does not write me every week, I feel his love and his prayers!  But we learned about how our whole mission is going to be changing!  We are using different methods to teach and to show videos and all this stuff its crazy, we are not like the states but we are working hard and bringing these people to God!

As for investigators are concerned we have this family that are progressing.  But what sucks is that they did not show up to church! How lame!  But we just met another kid who is 17 and getting ready to join the army and he is awesome! I have always wanted to baptize a kid my age and to get him ready to serve a mission.  That would be awesome! 

Love you guys and I hope you know I am trying to be as good as I can be! I am so ready for Christmas and I cant wait to start a new year!  How crazy!  love you all

Elder Passey

Valparaíso Zone meeting.  December 2014

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