Monday, January 5, 2015

January 5th, 2015: Transfers, Miracles, Hard Work and Dog Bites!

Okay so lets start off and work with the transfers, I did not get transferred, But Elder Puefua did,  The Lord has chosen me to stay here in Rodelillo and I think it is because I need to learn from the members more, I cant begin to explain the love I have with the members.  They are so great and I love them so much.  One thing that I know is that I could work on more interaction with the members in lessons with our investigators!  My new companion is Elder Allred!  He is a boss! He just finished his training and he is my junior companion and he is from Orem Utah!  We seriously live like thirty minutes away from each other!  He loves to ski and chill at deer creek!  He is 18 and played basketball! hahaha  I love him to death and made him pasunacakes!  If you don't remember they are just flour and sugar with water but they taste good! and he loved them! I really like his work ethic!  He is ready to get down and work and I feel like we are supposed to be together for this change, so we will see what happens!  The dog bite is a funny story I will tell you all about it!

Okay so transfers, it really came as a shock but I am really happy, I don't know where Elder Puefua is but he is training with a Latino up north, it was for the best of us I believe. I believe that I was not working to my fullest potential that I could and I was stressed a bunch and felt the ever sicking feeling of failure. I know I was trying as hard as I could and I really believe he has changed my life for the better, there was things I needed to know and to under stand before I could progress as a missionary and as a child of God.  Elder Allred is a super hard worker and he struggled a bit with his last companion because he was a little bit lazy, so what happened is when we met up we became friends on the bus and talked a bunch about skiing, his Spanish is great if not better then mine! and he has all the desires to really put his head down and work!  We are so ready to get things down and baptise! We have had pure miracles!  It has been incredible! 

Do you guys remember Patricia? she almost got baptised but didn't for her surgery, she is back in the game and progressing and will have her interview today!  The story is that Elder Allred and I are trying to be more direct with the promises and what the Lord expects from us in these latter days as a last ditch effort to get her to be baptised we where talking to her daughter who is not a member but said she loves the missionary's.  She helped convince her mom that baptism is important.  Elder Allred and I just started to laugh out loud by how easy it was! I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT! What great blessings, she was so hard but the change was really in a twinkling of an eye! What blessings we can receive when we work hard.  We are also teaching a stud muffin named Benjamin, he is 10 years old and reminds me of Nate a bunch!  What a cool kid he is!  His family is less active but they are getting better and going to church as a family and Benji is really starting to be the head of the family.  He is a sure baptism on the 18 of January and he will seriously be a stud missionary.  He already has a assignment in primary and he is rocking it!  He always says funny stuff like "I am going to school all the old men at soccer tonight"  He is a friendly rival to this little Colombian kid.  They are so cool together.

Cool story about Benji was he lost his hamster for about two days!  First I blamed the parents but whatever haha Then he was saying how he was praying and he prayed about four times day and he found it in the bathroom! What a stud! Prayer works! 

Well guys my companion also got bit by a dog.  He was walking down the street with me and we see up ahead this cop on a motorcycle swerving towards this dog and it was barking and obviously furious, but then as we passed the dog, he turned around and took out his anger on my new comp!  All I said was "oh no!"  His pants got all torn up and people where laughing.  The cop stopped and then drove away laughing!  South America! hahahahahahahahaha  I laughed super hard!  Good thing I can sew!

Love you guys so much!

Benji, me and his mom at a family home evening we planned at the church with Elder Puefua.
The others are members of the ward.  Benji is in the green jersy with his mom right next to him.

Benji and His Mom

Elder Allred

Transfers 12/14

Elder Allred and his pants after the dog bite!

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