Monday, January 19, 2015

January 19th, 2015

Wow spiritual days this week.  We had at the baptism of Benjamin!  I had the honor of baptizing him and it felt so spiritual to see him come into the water and help him and his family in one more step to pure excellence! I love this work! It’s so great and I can’t believe how happy I am! There is nothing better then being a missionary! I have come to the realization that I have been out ten months! Stop it! I cant slow the time down for anything! Its driving me crazy and to be honest I hate that my time is going by so fast, I am now the missionary that people call for advice and questions and they ask what we should do.......still feel young but love the fact that everyday I am pleading with the Lord to guide me and to be a direct influence in my life and it really works, every decision only comes after pray, always. And that’s how I want it to be for the rest of my life, I read a talk about family "discussions" the other day and thought about all the family talks I have had in life. Love my dad!!!!!! But the best part is god will always answer. Also Giovanni passed his interview and seriously it is so cool and he is awesome!

Benjamin’s baptism! Well we had more problems with the font again, hash tag Chile problems but it all worked out as I was able to baptize him and the thing was as we walk down into the shivering water the doors open and we get the spotlight on us and we see everyone looking at us Benjamin said "hola" and waved at everyone and they all said hola back and I felt like it was super funny that such a kid could be so sweet and genuine. After he was baptized they shut the doors and we started to come back out of the font and Benji jumped back into the water and started swimming around! I was horrified! I was like "get your skinny brown butt out of the water!" hahahaha no not really but ya that was a funny experience! His whole family showed up and a lot of them are not members! It was great to see the spirit touch there lives as well by his influence!

Giovanni passed his interview to be baptized! I love that kid! He was the young man who was wearing the St George t-shirt and is growing in love with the gospel! I swear he will be the best missionary the world will see as well if he keeps this up! he has not even been baptized yet but he keeps going and contacting with us and he even comes to lessons with us when we need a man to enter the house! He gives testimony’s super strong and he is 18 so in one year he could be a missionary! That would be so awesome! Love it!  I will show you a pic of him, and he is super funny and has lots of jokes about everything! He is great! Please praying for him that he can feel welcomed in the ward!

We also had interviews from president this week, in our houses! Good thing our house was not trashed, it was great and the spirit was super strong, as we were coming to the house we kept seeing drug busts and raids and our president was like, "those are not your investigators right? hahahahahahahahahaha I love him and we have such great conversations and he emails me a lot telling me tips and what I need to do.

Love you all a ton, we worked hard today and I want you all to know that my Savior lives, he is our greatest friend, I'm so sorry this letter is short but I don’t have time, read 2 Nephi 4! Its the best, I have grown to love being humble, and especially to listen to other people because everyone has a right to spiritual revelation, love you guys and pics are on the way

Benji's Baptism

Benjamin has a flown blown mustache.........and he is ten,
he wanted me to show you guys, what a stud!

Our Meeting with the President


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