Tuesday, January 13, 2015

January 12th, 2015: Like a Cholo

Man this week was crazy! I cant believe how many things has happened to Elder Allred and i!  We have seriously gotten ourselves in a bunch of weird sticky situations where we laughed until we cried, also this was a super bad week for my leg, everything that could of happened happened to my leg! Bad news bears!  But lets see what happened.......Benjamin passed his interview and will be baptised this week!!!!!! ahhhhhh  So happy he will be a great missionary!  He is just like Nate but Latino with a little mustache hahahahaha  I fell off a cliff while doing service... it hurt really bad, we put up a incredible 8 baptism dates in 7 days and I am starting to have sleeping problems so I have been so tired!  But all of this and more as we talked to a man named Gilbert who lived in Compton California for 20 years before getting deported for drug and violence and I hated talking to him in English and hearing a bunch of ugly words that do not attract the spirit, Patricia did not get baptised, it turned out to be bloody, I will tell you all about it, we contacted the "zombie blocks" and had a bunch of success and we are really using the spirit as forces in the labor! what a crazy week! 

Okay so I have come to learn that if you laugh at your companion for something that has happened to him the Lord will have it happen to you as well.  We went and did service for Maria, my convert and she is so  crazy!  She has really hit a low point in her life and she does not have money for anything, she really does not have money now for her medicine, she is suffering from schizophrenia and diabetes so when she does not have medicine she really does end up going crazy and freaking out.  She lives on the side of this cliff and she has cut her house out of the cliff, so after walking down to her house which pretty much is a dump we ended up cutting all the weeds down because she is scared that there will be a fire pretty soon and she will die if they don't get cut.  First of all her tools are a bunch of crap and are zip tied to the wood handles, also it took us like ten minutes to climb all the way to the top of the cliff and seriously climb to this overhang to cut grass.  Anyway my companion Elder Allred is such a boss and a jokester and was reading from the mission manual about how we should not be doing dangerous activity's and I was laughing and saying nothing could go wrong, in short it did go wrong.  I was leaning trying to reach these weeds and slipped and fell off this cliff.  As I was falling the world really went into slow mo and I thought that this was it and I was a goner! I looked and yelled "no elder!" and I really thought that the last image that I would see was my companions horror struck face as I fell off the lip of this cliff!  I landed and crumpled in the dust and I was laying there for a minute.  But I remembered the scripture in 2 Nephi were it says rise from the dust and be men,  So I got up shaky and I was fine!  It was a miracle! I landed right next to this toilet and I was so glad I did not hit it!  I broke a metal bird cage but it did no harm! I was a little shaky but my comp said he got some great pictures but he said he almost pooped his pants seeing me go off the cliff.  It was a good 20 foot cliff and I cant believe I fell! hahaha  But miracles do happen!

Also a dog bit me this week!  It was crazy and it hurt so bad!  we were talking to our investigators and as we were walking out of nowhere this dog freaked out and jumped and bit my leg and I hit it with the  Book of Mormon but I thought for sure I would have to get rabbis shots! ugh!  So I look down and it broke skin but it was not bleeding, I said a prayer, taught the lesson and after I called the nurse and she was saying a bunch of random stuff, like " squeeze it and see what happens, p.s. that hurt a lot, then she asked how I felt, dry mouth etc haha but really it was okay and I have a huge bruise now!

Also we were walking down the side of this hill when a stair I was walking on broke and hit me in the back of the leg, seriously! ugh my right leg is seriously a goner hahahahaha.

Benji passed his interview with flying colors! What a champ he is!  The thing that is so sweet is that he is going to church as well as his whole family, his mom is paying tithing and she will be called to have a calling soon!  Also his brother will be receiving the priesthood shortly!  We have re activated and it was a great experience.  I was practicing the questions with him and I asked him the question, "have you ever committed a serious crime?"  He started to cry and was super sad and ran away and told us later that he committed a huge crime, we asked what and his whispered to his mom and she told us that 2 years ago when he was at school he stole a pencil!!!!!!!  He told us he was feeling super bad so we prayed together and he passed the interview!  He is so pure and an angel not only for the family but for the whole ward!

We also had some crazy miracles with finding new people to teach.  We are currently teaching a young man named Giovanni, he is a stud 18 years old and when we contacted him he was wearing a St George t shirt, we laughed and told him we where from there, he invited us in and he will be baptised on the 25!

Tamara will be baptised on the 25 too!  She is great but getting her to church is super hard!

love you guys and pictures are on the way

Elder Allred and I on the side of the hill
Oh by the way we also found out how to use our stove! We did not have a pan
so we ended up just using a pot and making cookies and bread, really I am quite the cook!
Its amazing what flour water and salt can do for you!
The stories about missionaries eating weird things are true!

This is part of the cliff hahahaha.  It looks a lot smaller than it is.  

Turns out what a bunch of drunk people do is that they cut open a melon and take the
seeds out and fill it with wine.   We did it for lunch but with juice, it was super good and I
 will do it with a Mountain Dew when I get back! So Chile!

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