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September 8th, 2014

Okay so this week we had a pretty big week that of course had challenges and laughs and tears, tears of the spirit of course!  The whole companion thing is going okay and I'm learning how to be patient more than anything else.  He really is from Chile and because of that its hard for him to be so close to his family, really its closer to his home than I was to Idaho, and remember how bad I did not want to go there?  So I think he has been battling that on his mission and I think that he is loosing steam but we are all here together and we have great things ahead of us and I will not back down.  I have changed my life, my attitude, and my thoughts and even my language so I will not give in and let the bad side of me come out, never again.  I was mean and I was rude to people in the past and I will never go back to that....ever!  There are so many blessings to be obtained when we follow our Saviour  so why not receive blessings.  It really is definitely a lot harder but it all works out in the end right?  And the answer to everything is love..... so we had a crazy week this week with tons of experiences, my comp had a huge fight with a dog, super spiritual lessons with ex-communicated bishops, anti Mormon material and baptism dates!!!!!!!!!  What a week right?  Better get started!

So with the whole companion here is the situation, I do all of the teaching so I am learning Spanish so much faster so I decided that is a blessing rather then a trial, he has a love but often I am teaching the lessons while he is sitting in a seat looking at his hands, so its hard being the one man wrecking machine.  But hey, he helps out a lot and we are learning together and this p day we had a great time together and the bond is growing, but the one thing that is really starting to drive me crazy is that he does not make his bed!  How can you be a missionary and not make your bed! ugh it drives me nuts and then I just laugh when I'm thinking of all the people who don't make their beds and it was me six months ago, haha how crazy that just little things are changing in me and know it really bites when they are habits of other people.  So really the conclusion one morning was I felt so bad for Luke that he had to live with me!  Sorry bro, trying to live with me was rough man, no more of that life!  But we really are bonding.  I had to " cut " him once because he sings worldly songs and it drives me nuts and I cant think because they are in English so I just stopped in the middle of the street and read in our missionary handbook about music and told him to quit it or at least sing in Spanish so I can practice, in the night I apologized and he did too and we are working together to help us grow and become close, watch he will be one of my favorites.  So today we ate some super sketchy sushi and some food from Iraq.....only in Chile and they were from the same store hahahahahahahahah  So I  had on the same plate sushi and this weird type of meat and bread, hahahahaha  Weird stuff is going down in Chile. but we really are growing closer and fotos are on the way.

So the story about how my comp fought these dogs is kinda funny because he is really just a goober, straight up and honest no lies, it rained all week.  We where walking through this hill with its trees and rivers and these nasty dogs came running down this muddy hill and they slipped and ran right into my comp, then he used his umbrella as a shield and they broke it in half.  At this point I was on the other side of the river because if there are two of us on this tire bridge it sinks so i jump across and threw this rock at this dog and we where safe, but muddy.  After he kept saying that he got bit but I did not believe him then he pulled up his leg and there was a big old bruise with teeth marks, again another memory of Luke when that horse tried to kill him! hahaha  But after the mamita put some rubbing alcohol on it we where all set to go! So that's the story of the week!

We are having contact still with the ex communicated bishop Osvaldo, see if you guys don't know he was ex communicated and left the ward and because of that they closed this church and he took half the ward inactive at his down fall.... well we have been teaching him and he has a daughter that is ten years old and trying to get her baptized!  The thing is he wants to baptize her but he does not have the authority to do so...but he says that he still has it so there are some problems there! But we keep having some really great lessons and one night we cried and cried and we told him to never look back, this is a thing that I am using in my life and for my whole life to come, never look back, if you sin and Satan pushes you to your knees, pray and stand up.  And once you repent NEVER LOOK BACK!  We are clean once we repent and never again are we looking back, looking back wastes so much of your energy when you need to look ahead at the world and life to come!

So we fought some anti Mormons, apparently there are some on this hill and there is this weird valley that have some with beards and a load of wives so he wanted to know why they are different for us and he kept trying one thing after another to get us to lose our faith.  This is one area that I love about my companion, he knows every scripture in the bible and they went at it and I was just sharing the testimony and at one point he pushed his finger into my chest and said, "your not a disciple of Christ and never will be......."  I looked at him and through tear filled eyes I said, "No I'm not a perfect disciple of Christ and will never be because I am not perfect but I do follow him and I know that one way we can follow him is through love and faith, I am a representative of Jesu Cristo and I know that this is his church and as a representative of him I'm telling you that we need to always follow him. I know it! and you can fight all you want but you are a child of god and you are special."  After we walked away I felt super tired and strained and my comp hugged me and said he felt the spirit really strong and understood every word.  I want you guys to know that this is his church, we need to repent and take life one step at a time.  Its hard and sometimes, we stumble but the Lord will pick us back up and like any other good brother, and friend he will cheer us on unto the end.  I know that we will live with him again, I simply know it!  I have this thing thats stronger than a belief or faith, actions.  If we really have the faith and the belief we show our Lord through actions and love.

With baptism dates we seriously have protection in the Tomas right now. its getting full of trash and worse and worse.  But I love it and the people are super humble.  The family that we are teaching is really like a movie, its between Scarface and the Godfather.  I know that those are two really scary movies but they are true in this family, this guy Mario is six foot five and like three hundred pounds, he has a "secret business"  and he is pretty wealthy but he says if he buys fancy things it brings to much attention to himself.  He has about thirty geese with names and they imported them for Australia!  They are like worse then guard dogs and they love him and hop up on his lap.  He is about sixty years old and he has a twenty seven year old wife with a baby, but we have baptism dates with him and with one of his "venders".   Ya its a little bit interesting but now people see us talking to him they don't laugh at us anymore and they don't jab at us and yell at us and mock us, its weird, they know we are with Mario! hahahahahahaha  He said if we ever get in trouble yell his name and say you are a friend of Mario and all is well and they wont do anything!  Man we have a gangster that is awesome!  But he is sweet and we have Claudio with a baptism date! 

We alse have a part family with a child who has a date as well not quite as cool as a story as the gangster Mario but its a fecha! 

I love them so much and I love the people and I know that all I have to do is have this love for them and for my comp and everything will work out.  I love you guys and miss you all so much and I know that these are the two years to really put and give my all for the Lord, thanks for your prayers!!!!!

Elder Abarca

Sushi in Chile

Elder Osuna

Riding the bus in Chile

Me with Elvis at the "Seventies" ward party

Bonding with my comp at the ward party

Hermana Luisa

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