Monday, September 29, 2014

September 22th, 2014: Week of Miracles

This was a week of miracles and learning. I'm really living in a love hate relationship with my companion that as I'm writing this letter it turned to worse when president wrote Elder Abarca and said that he needs to follow my advice on some of the rules.... shoot now he hates me and says I'm not communicating with him very well.  But all I'm trying to do is be a better missionary and trying to leave this area better then when I found it.  With two weeks left its up to the lord in how this situation will turn out.  We are still having miracles but its a miracle in itself if we can become a better companionship and follow the promptings of the spirit.  We also have a great investigator Sandra who has a baptism date.  But we need to be super productive with her because she needs to get married before her baptism.  Her boyfriend is a piece of work but I will talk about that later.  Also lets see it was super hot and very cold all in the same week.  It was also the independence day for Chile and we had a ton of food!  We have been working with Mario and Claudio some more and of course I have to add some stories about them so lets start. haha

Okay so with Elder Abarca we are always good friends then Monday happens and then we hate each other.  I just feel so bad because he is "dying" on his mission and i am "growing" its just been so hard to really get along.  But we are either friends or not and I love him so much and I know that I am pushy and its only because I want to get these blessings from the Lord. That's the only thing I want and honestly I don't think I'm getting them and the zone leaders and the mission president thinks so as well.  So he wrote my companion a letter just barely telling him that he needs to follow my counsel and so he leans over and asks me if I have been telling president that he has been being disobedient and I said "yes, why?  Strike one, he responded and said that president wrote him a letter that cut him.  So know we are in silence and I just need to play it out and keep working harder and harder. I feel so bad and feel that we are both the problems.  Our working styles are really not compatible but we will see. With love everything can be possible.  I make his bed all the time and make smoothies for him now and its just a matter of getting along now.  But I know that the Lord will bless us.  We only need to be diligent, loving, or really the six bees from President Hinckley. 

Miracles have been showering on us but we need to realize them.  We taught and have a ton of investigators that are getting better and better and baptism dates!  We taught this girl Sandra who is 18 but she is living with this 27 year old less active member of the church. He believes everything is true and has this testimony but what is really the problem is he is super prideful and does not want to go back to church because he had this own personal problems with members of the church. So we are trying to get them married haha.  They are super awesome people but pride is really just a work of the devil.  I feel super bad and want them to get married.

Chile independence day! 18 of September people eat tons and tons of meat hahaha and I think I gained a ton of weight so there is that. haha  But they also eat these really good empanadas and they are super good with meat and cheese stuffed in them and they are probably 3000 calories a piece!  One girl in our district ate 11 of them hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha  But so it was a day when everyone is drunk in the streets and this week was super hard to really get people in their homes to teach and preach the gospel.  But they really have a beast feast and all they believe in is eating meat and getting drunk and dancing on these days so that's what we have been up to this week.

So we mad a bad choice and went to visit Claudio and Mario and they where a little bit drunk.  Claudio wants to change his life so he was sober and we went and were chilling by their huge metal oil barrel with fire in it talking and having a good time and eating some food when this friend of theirs was super drunk and making some dumb comments and Mario kept waring him to cut it out and stop being disrespectful and then we went and sat down in this other room and we were teaching repentance and we heard an argument break out and then they turned up the music louder so we could not hear anything and then the music cut out and there was silence and the girlfriend came in and grabbed this gun and said we should leave because there drunk friend was "sleeping" and so we got escorted out by Mario  hahahaha.   I think there was a fight in progress.  But that was a little bit loco and nuts.  But hey we are learning and he really wants to change so we have the faith to keep visiting them.

Sorry that this letter is so short but I really don't have much time, but hey I want to bear my testimony that I know these things are so true and I can feel my relationship with my savior growing and growing stronger every day and I know that he lives, he really does want to bless us with so many gifts we just need to be worthy to receive them.

This is a wierd drink that they all drink on the 18th of september!
Motte con husillo its oatmeal and a 

Another picture of the drink

Picture of me in the tractional clothing of Chile.  hahaha  
So at first I thought it was a joke
but this stuff is serious for them

This little girl who was participating in the dog food race

Before service, in the pouring rain!

Selfie Sunday!

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