Thursday, September 18, 2014

September 15th, 2014

Man this week sucked, it rained for the first part of the week and then it was blazing hot this last part of the week. and lastly my comp and I live on this rollarcoaster of a relationship that really is super un healthy. But when we look at only the bad things in life then really our life will look bad, soooooo here is all the good things that has happened in my life this week and this is how I have been super blessed to find faith in the things that are not seen right now but are true.  First we lived through my first one on one gun experience, we also had a great couple lessons with this family, also I did not get sunburned, that was a blessing and I learned how to be a better missionary and solider of god.  So really a ton has happened this week! what blessings!

Okay so first we are going to get all the bad out of the way, my comp and I have had some talks about how we need to improve stuff to be better missionary's, well it was me starting the conversations but it ended up in tears and then we try to fix it and then new stuff comes up and we have another "talk again".  For example he says its okay to watch television!  So I come out of the bathroom in one of our members houses and he is sitting down on the computer watching videos on youtube about this type of Chilean dance! whaaaaaaaat!  So I told him to cut it out and then at lessons if we are there and the tv is on he is watching tv when I am bearing my testimony and we cant have any real good conversations and communication because he is not even listening to the lesson!  So after I read the rule to him and by the way he says that he really is not watching tv but glancing at it every now and sad.  So he also says its okay to watch television about the culture of our mission. and country.....false!  So we had some talks when he did not get out of bed until I get out of the shower and we are getting better as a companionship and in spite of it all we have had some great experiences together and really he is becoming a great friend and the love I have for him is crazy big but I know that I am not perfect and I have things to work on as well.  He thinks that I am to strict and up tight and I need to relax and then he thinks I'm trying to steal his role as district leader.......false!  But whatever, I just want the best for us and its not my fault I talk to the zone leaders because he is in the shower for an hour and a half and I have to read the numbers.  But oh well haha.  Really we are getting closer together and do some fun stuff together so we just need more time to get along.  So that is that haha

Okay so now we got all this nasty bad stuff out of the way lets look at all the good that the Lord likes to sprinkle in our lives.  First we had a great ward activity and really it was such a great learning experience and I got a great taste of the culture and of course I took a ton of pictures and there was some things that are so different from our culture that I just laughed so hard and they look really funny at times but what blessings I have to learn another culture and language and the best is I want to be a Chilean so I'm trying all the nasty food and laughing and enjoying my life and that has been a great blessing in my life.  I also got dressed up as a Chilean cowboy and then took fotos with tons of people!

Okay so another thing with the whole living thing, every breath we take is a great blessing and I know that people do really crazy things and that we are alive is such a great blessing.  I have a goal to be thankful for everything because as long as we are still breathing we are progressing.  So with the whole gun thing we really were with our gangster friends again and we where sitting on this muddy couch in there front yard with all these geese and mud and its nasty and this lady was holding this kitchen knife and was waving it around to get her point across. Then this lady came over to fix their guns, so here is our investigator Claudio who has the nickname by the way as "Rottweiler" and you don't want to know why but we are talking about the ten commandments in this setting with tons of fleas and then he stands up and pulls out a revolver pistol and it looked like an old school western gun and he said to this lady that he needed more bullets..... So this lady was waving the gun around and talking to us about Mormons and pointing the gun at us and asking if we really where believers of Christ, it was one of the moments to defend my faith, we told here that these things where true and she did not do anything.  After they said that we are the new members of the family and they showed us there other rifle and then that night we heard that there was a gun fight in the tomas but no one was hurt so then we talked to Claudio and he said he was alright hahahahahahahahahahahahaha what is going on? Glad that I'm friends with the boys who win. But what a blessing, he is trying to get away from all this and I hope he does.  We wont be able to baptise him because we think he has killed somebody and soooooooooo ya, but we are going to keep passing by and building up there faith. 

Also it was like one hundred degrees and I did not get, and no sunscreen so that was a blessing but I bought some more but that was really cool, still pasty white and American, what a blessing.

We are making progress in our ward with the part member family's and really they are getting better and we are expecting baptisms this transfer.  Its been super hard but we really are learning so much from everything.  Oh I almost forgot!  I got two packages today, one from my mom and Mackelle pope the other from my friend Kaitlin Baird..... that was the greatest moral booster ever!  What blessings and its so crazy to know that I have a family and friends that are having lives normal. but we should always be striving to be working better to be bigger and better missionary's.  Thank you all for everything.

oh p.s. look at the sunset every now and then and realize that the Lord is really looking down on us with interest "How can we grow from bad experiences?" or how can we learn from this life? I know that bad things happen believe me, but that's not the point of life to just survive the bad, we need to CONQUER the bad and then improve.  If no, then we lost, its hard and its sometimes close to impossible but we will always get a helping hand from god. Cho!

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