Monday, May 11, 2015

May 11th, 2015: Back in Quilpue

One might say that returning to a zone in which they have previously served would be hard, as for me I give thanks for the blessings in which I have to go back and make Quilpue even better then before! And I feel like that the Lord has something for me to do in Quilpue! My companion is amazing and I feel like we are seriously so blessed! We are working so hard and trying to find the people who are chosen! And believe me when we put our work in we will find those who are searching for us! I believe this with all my heart and I know its hot, then cold and hard but the blessings are so worth it! How can I deny this great work! We have received miracles and we have an investigator that will be baptized the 30 of May! That’s like just around the corner! ahhhhh! There is no time in the world to do everything! But hey that’s life right? Time goes so fast!

Funny experience of the week is that I of course made pancakes in the morning and they turned out super horrible! I can’t believe that my cooking skills have been gradually getting worse but the food seems to be getting better and better ha-ha or maybe I’m just starving! But my companion just about died from laughing and said that he will show me how to make pancakes...huh are we going to have a cook off? Game on! He makes some killer top ramen with eggs in it so I don’t know if my talents can live up to that but we will see! 

Another laugh your head off moment is just right before this I went to cut my hair, I still hate cutting my hair but hey it’s apart of the mission! So I went into the store and she helped me into the chair and took out a razor and shaved part of my head! Then she asked " so do you like that length?" after looking at my have shaven head I figured I had to just go with it and she butchered me! I have never looked so bad before in my life! As my companion was crying of laughter and I will never go get another cheap haircut again! But my companion said that maybe the people with have pity on me and take us in hahahaha I sure hope so! As long as I can move my legs and open my mouth I will always be teaching the gospel! The only other time I have been cut so bad was when Elder Osuna and I entered and the ladies were Jehovah witnesses and Elder Osuna got into a bible bash with them while they where cutting our hair.....yeah we lost physically but spiritually we won! haha

What I have learned from my life in the field as of now is that to be a carrier of the truth we need to clean ourselves from the inside as well as the outside! That means that the we should always be "self evaluating" and figuring out how and why we need to become better, it was always hard for me to really kick out bad habits, but then I thought about why we must fight the natural man, the reason is that we must do it in order to be clean and worthy to stand before god, how can we not change? We must better ourselves and live the life of Christ, obviously we probably wont ever walk the same path physically but spiritually we must always follow that path to be brought back to happiness! Of course I will change for that!

I love Christ more than anything in this world, he is my Savior and my light, I defend him and try to walk with him, I want to be just like him, of course I’m not perfect and never will be but I can try, and that’s what counts! So I will do my best! I love you all so much and wish you all the best of luck on your personal journey to Christ! 

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