Tuesday, May 26, 2015

May 25th, 2015

Sorry this letter is really short! But Marta went to church and will be baptized this weekend! She is loved by the ward and she will progress a bunch! She passed her interview with flying colors and is always ready with food for us when we get to our appointments, last night she called us and asked us how we where doing, we said good and asked why, she said that we did not call or pass by her house and she started to worry, then she really started to worry and called us thinking something bad happened.....oh Marta! She is the besssssst!

As for this week I really have come to learn something special about the mission, it’s called the comfort zone. If we are comfortable we are not progressing, if we feel fine and happy with what we are doing then we need to leave the comfort zone and progress, its the only way that will help us get to heaven with all the ones we love. I know that this is true, they say that when exercising that pain is weakness leaving the body, its the same for a missionary and for a member of the church, we much progress and leave the comfort zone to become stronger, if not we will remain the same, and if we remain the same then we will never make it to the presence of God!

I love you guys so much! I’m doing great and the missionary work is progressing and I want everyone to know how much I love them! Especially my grandparents.

Just a cool P-day!

Zone Conference, May 2015.  Quilipe

View from my apartment in Coquimbo

A great family that got married this month.  Temple time!

This man is one of my hero's.  Hermano Checho, he has changed my life forever, he can hardly walk and he has to get up two hours early to make it to church on time.  Sad thing is that nobody helps him make it to church, he says walking two hours to church is the greatest blessing for him.  Its really hard for him to walk, the distance from his house to the church in Coquimbo is about five minutes for us, and he gets to church before every other member, here

A Baptism in Coquimbo.

This is showing how old I am,
I can't believe I have used all of these


This is the coolest kid ever!

Elder Lima

The Castillo family came down to say goodbye to me right before I went on the bus.  I just got a letter and they are going to the temple! Only Catalina will go in and do baptisms for the dead but they want to be sealed.  Wow........ no words can describe the joy I have felt
from this family.  I love receiving letters from them!

Thanks for the package mom!

The first American pizza in over a year,
and it was ridiculously expensive!

My comp shaving his stache

I'm so cold in this house! But its all good!
We are going to buy a little space heater.  

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