Monday, January 4, 2016

December 14th, 2015: A White Christmas

We are having a white Christmas this December! hahahaha Not with wonderful snow like a lot of you guys, but we were able to bring the Fernandez family into the church and enjoy the spiritual feeling of there baptisms! It was so sweet! To be honest I feel the love of our Lord and Savior every day and we are receiving so many blessings! We are also progressing a lot with another investigator who will be baptized this Saturday as well! Then it’s off to work for the great year of 2016. How crazy is that?

Well I’m so stoked too hear that my little brother is going to Japan this week! I pray that the Lord will bless him in this adventure for the next little while. I remember the plane ride to Chile and the language changed on the announcements over the intercom when we crossed into Mexico and I almost passed out. hahahahaha I was so worried. But the mission has made me a person who can adapt and change depending on what the Lord wants from me.  This is incredible to think of because really a missionary does not have a house for two years, and if you cant adjust then it makes everything so much harder! I feel so blessed to know that I have been given this great gift while I have been on my mission, what great blessings.

How can someone love so much? It’s hard to explain the love that a missionary can feel towards his investigators and the members! I love the Fernandez family so much and I cant even begin to describe the countless experiences that we have felt with them.  I was given the honor of baptizing Hermana Macarena.  After we took like a million pictures we heard great talks and then we made our way down into the font. It was awesome to see Juan Carlos get baptized first, then they shut the doors and I entered and helped Macarena down into the water, she glowed, she was smiling and I felt as if I was swelling with light.  As I helped her into the warm water "yes we did have warm water this time!" the doors opened and we saw faces, some crying, some with smiles and some with awe.  As I closed my eyes to baptize her I could not help it but all my emotions came out and as teared up I baptized that wonderful mother and that family without a doubt will be sealed into the temple.  They are so amazing! Afterwards they shared their feelings and it was amazing! The next day they got confirmed and it was amazing to see them so happy!

I decided that the best thing a missionary could do is find families.

So I will spend this Christmas here with Elder Swindler, we are pretty stoked and we will have a bunch of fun! We have a great view of the bay at our house and so we will be able to see the fireworks for the New Year this year! yaaaaaaaaaaaa! So that will be cool, I think the 14 of January will start my last change, so we will see how that one goes.  My companion has been here six months but it is really weird to end your mission as a zone leader. So who knows what will happen

The streets have been peaceful and we feel really well walking around, I don’t have any more allergies so that’s nice.

And that’s been my week  Guiselle will be baptized this Saturday, she is stoked and nervous at the same time. But everything will work out just fine.

The family Fernandez!    

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  1. Please get this letter to Elder Passey

    Hey Elder Passey,

    By way of introduction my name is Ryan Stratford. I served in Vina del Mar from 2008 - 2010. I'm one of the Elders that found Macarena and Juan Carlos.

    I just read your blog post about baptizing Macarena. I couldn't be happier. I've been keeping in touch with Macarena on Facebook and in December she told me she was getting baptized. Unfortunately, she is a little slow to respond on Facebook haha. I tried following up with her and still haven't gotten a response. I just had to know. So today I decided to google "Elder AND Macarena AND baptized." How many websites could there be that contain all three of these words, right? Sure enough, your missionary blog came up with a picture of Macarena's baptism. I was so excited to find it.

    When we learned that Macarena and Juan Carlos couldn't be baptized it tore us up. We decided to baptize Karen just because we knew she would tie the family to the church, and that it might lead to Macarena and Juan Carlos being baptized in the future.

    However, even leaving my mission it still kind of broke my heart knowing that Macarena still hadn't been baptized. That family meant everything to me, it tore me up. I've kept in touch with her ever since the mission hoping it'd eventually happen. And finally it did, thanks to you and your companion. You guys are awesome. I feel like you finally sealed off my mission for me. I've always been at peace about my mission. I did my best, I worked hard, I did everything I could. But without that family being just didn't feel complete. While I was there, I had such a connection to that family that I truly felt like they were a huge part of why I was called to Chile. So when I returned home without the whole family being was just hard because I didn't know if any elders would go back for them. Honestly if it came down to it I eventually planned on paying whatever legal fees were required to iron out whatever legal issue it was that prevented them from getting married.

    Anyway, I'm rambling. I just wanted to thank you. That family means everything to me. They're my family. God speed, Elder.

    Best regards,

    Ryan Stratford