Monday, January 4, 2016

January 4th, 2016: New Years!

It’s such a great time to be alive! The blessings are all around us and we have seen the Lord's hand in our lives daily! This week was really hard and tough in many ways, the people seemed to close there hearts and blind themselves in things from this world, but we did see blessings, and they came with great abundance,  It just goes to show that even during the hardest points in the mission the blessings always come, they always do!

So the Ponce family is doing great! We got to know them a little bit better during the week.  One day we were walking by their apartment building and we saw them playing soccer, Ignacio and Kelly are such great friends! Its awesome to see them playing and goofing off together.  We stopped and they challenged us to a quick game of soccer, we humbly accepted. 
Then the Street game got intense, Ignacio threw out some hidden talents and danced around us and the ball seemed to never leave his feet, but we are the missionary’s! And we are the best! So after getting whipped we pulled some last minute passes and won the game! Our shoes where trashed and dirty but we wiped the sweat off our face with grins of victory! hahaha so that was awesome! Also we had a lesson with the bishop and one of his counselors. Ignacio is really looking forward to getting himself prepared to get the priesthood. Kelly is a great girl but she struggles because there is not a single Young women that is full on active in our Ward....... so that’s what’s tough with this family. Yolanda the mom is really great and she is super smart, and she knows just about everybody at church!

We are having a hard time finding people who are ready to make commitments, so your prayers are welcome!

New Years eve was really crazy and we saw some serious drunks, they all started to drink at like 12 in the afternoon new years eve.  As we were getting onto a bus we saw a young kid that looked like our age yelling at an older man who was so drunk he could not walk, the older man " I say older but he was like 30 " yelled and walked away and the young dude walked across the Street and started fighting him!  Everyone started to yell and whistle and I asked myself "why is no one stopping this!" The older guy stumbled to the other side of the street and cars started to pass by, cutting the young dude away from him, the older man, yelling things that almost made my ears bleed.  It caused the young guy to grab a metal bar and go after him, luckily I did not see what happened next and I’m glad I didn’t, the next day we saw a ton of drunks just sleeping all over the place!

We will see what the future holds; I bet I will finish my mission here! I’m so happy and I’m ready to work! I love you all so much!

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