Monday, January 11, 2016

January 11th, 2016: Ignacio and Kelly

This is seriously one of the fastest weeks of my life. With all the prep for the baptism we were running all around looking for clothes and people to give talks! But this is my secret.... I love this life! I love running around and being busy! Ah this is the life. A lot of things have happened so lets get busy.

Okay the baptism was amazing, so many people showed up to the baptism. Yolanda, the mom is very known throughout the church so a lot of older members came and witnessed the second generation being baptized! We showed up at the church to fill up the font at about 830 and we were ready to go with hot water at about 130. So the font still needs constant care or anything could go wrong hahaha.  But we are getting really good at filling and draining the font.  A bunch of spiders came spilling out as the water filled up, so using paper napkins we got all the spiders and other weird bugs.  I tried to convince myself the kill them but I just cant, call me girly or call me wimpy if you will, but I just will justify myself as following the commandment "thou shall not kill" hahahaha.  But the clothes fit really well and a member baptized Kelly and Ignacio was baptized by Elder Swindler. It was great to see my comp baptize. He has been here for 6 months and has fought the hills for a long time. It was great to see that smile, the whole family is so happy; the gospel just brings happiness to the home!

Also with the Santos family, we went to sing happy birthday to the youngest daughter who turned 4 the other day.  As we walk in screaming girls ran past us and I felt like I entered into a little pony paradise haha with balloons and all sorts of colorful stuff! But then we sat down and Jorge came in! Jorge screamed "Elderes!!!!!" and jumped onto Elder Swindler and gave him a hug, them he screamed Elder Passey! And jumped onto me! But as he jumped he started to scream! And then cry.... I was shocked as he showed me his baby pinky toe, as it was bent out of place! He jammed his pinky toe on the chair as he came soaring in! So they had to take him into the hospital were he received shots and splints! Hahahaha What a crazy party huh! But it all turned out well in the end because we ate lunch with them the day after and everything was cool!

As changes are this Wed we have no idea what will happen.  I believe that I will stay for my last change here. But we don’t know what will happen. If I get changed I will be really sad. I would love to end my mish here! So next week I will tell you guys what has been going on!

I'm losing pounds here as the air gets hotter and the food is not that great but I’m eating more oatmeal, I remember my dad saying that oatmeal sticks to your bones..... Huh I hope it will work!

I love you all so much! I will see ya soon!
Ignacio and Kelly!    

Ignacio and Kelly!    

Last district meeting of the change    

Today we played a little bit of zone soccer! (My team won)    

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