Monday, January 4, 2016

December 21st, 2015: Merry Christmas

Mom, first of all I will call in at 4 or 5 Chile time! So I hope I can call you guys without problems! This week has been great and many prayers have been answered! Guieselle was baptized this Saturday! Wooooooooow! And also we had a huge miracle where we found a new family! I can’t wait to tell you guys about it!

So where do I start? I guess I will start with the baptism of Guiselle! She has seriously been a golden investigator since the very fist day she has walked into the church! The best thing was that she felt inspired by God as she puts it to bring her grandma.  Now this grandma is like seriously the most energetic lady I have ever seen, she walks up to me while we were in the church and put her finger into my chest and said " I don’t want any commitments from you guys".  Then we started talking and we became friends. I invited her to church the next day hoping that she would show up and feel the spirit, turns out she did! So we gave her a Book of Mormon and "invited her to read it".  She then once again put her finger into my chest and said " no commitments ya?" smiled and walked off. This women! haha The same night we went to Guiselles house to put goals with her so that she could go to the temple.  As we walked in Guiselle was really happy and laughing, we asked her what was up and she told us that her grandma had read part of the book of Mormon and asked if we could start visiting her! Talk about miracles! THE BOOK OF MORMON CHANGES LIVES. I cannot explain it enough! So we will go over and Guiselle is now studying preach my gospel and will help us with the lessons! The actual baptism was incredible and the water was warm and many people showed up! She came out of the Font smiling from ear to ear! Her whole family showed up "except her dad" and thy all really liked it. I can tell that a lot of our work will come from this family.

Another miracle that happened was we received a reference wooooooooooow! hahahaha References are normally not that great and this one turned out to be pretty bad.  A member told us of a women who was an ex missionary for the church and has been home for 20 years.  Folks, that means she got home when I was born! Anyway she has twins that have not been baptized! We were so happy to get the reference and go visit them, and then the member said he did not know were they lived! Man! He said that they lived in this block of apartments, this block of apartments is like four or five apartment buildings, each like seven stories high.  So we prayed during planning session that we could be able to find them.  After we went through our day and went to a lesson that fell through and he lives right in one of the apartment buildings.  As we were walking out I felt really strongly that we should walk and touch a couple of the doors on this far building.  We of course walk all the flights of stairs and though the 7th floor door, nothing, 6th floor nothing! Not a single door opened, then as we toughed a door a women opened up and she was sobbing, as I look into the apartment building I saw two 14 or 13 year old looking kids looking at us with tears in their eyes.  She said " my name is Yolanda and I’m a member, I was a missionary, come in!!!!!!  whowowowowowowow Man that was crazy, so we got a member and went in and found out that her grandparent just died, we taught the plan of salvation and invited the two twins "Kelly and Ignacio" to be baptized. It was an amazing experience!

We have been working with all our might, the zone has some serious health problems but we are all going strong. Elder Swindler and I are the only ones who don’t have problems.  Two missionary’s will be going home soon due to bad knees, Valpo kills haha! This Sunday we will be hit by a heat wave, crazy Christmas hahaha.  I Love all of you guys and wish each one of you a happy and especially Merry Christmas!


We had a mission choir concert on the beach!!!
(distant view of Valpo)

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