Monday, January 4, 2016

December 28th, 2015

Merry Christmas! And soon to be New Year! This week was kind of hard because the people did family things and nobody was in the streets but we still found ways to teach and help others come unto Christ! We did a bunch of service as well as dined with a family of converts! We also found the Ponce family! Straight up miracles just let me tell why! Also I got to talk with my family that was awesome! They are really trunky.

Well on Christmas Eve we went to a family’s house to eat dinner and celebrate Christmas! Here in Chile they stay up all night and at 12 they put the baby Jesus in the manger in their nativity scene and then they open gifts! I still think it’s really strange! haha But hey if some people don’t have the patience to sleep and wait for the morning then that’s fine with me! So we played some soccer and waited for the dinner to get done cooking.  We had a serious asado "meat feast" with potatoes.  The bet was that I was able to pass this Christmas with converts and see them enjoy Christmas as something spiritual, that was really cool! Then we went home and went to sleep! This is where things get interesting.  So I live on the side of a hill right, well what happened was that there is a house right above us and they began to sing karaoke and laugh and break commandments.  This started at like 2 in the morning and went on until 7 or eight, long story short was that I did not sleep at all, I even laughed at myself because I realized that I have returned to my "younger state”.  I remember passing almost every Christmas wide awake waiting for my parents to let me get up and get out of bed. This year I was wide awake, waiting for the alarm to tell me to get up! hahahaha It was horrible and I was really tired the next day! But I woke up and did not even have a big breakfast, I ate oatmeal with mate to drink, ya it was one of the poorest Christmases I have ever seen! But it’s okay! Then Christmas day we went out and did a bunch of service! I cleaned and fixed a washer "ya that was sweet" and then I cleaned someone’s porch! We ate lunch and then talked to our families, my family seems really trunky! They just talked about me going home! hahahaha so that was my Christmas!°

The Ponce family continues to be amazing, the first part of the week they went off and went to a funeral, leaving us without communication, so I have been praying and I bet that my comp was too, that we could see and teach them! Well at the district meeting we talked about our investigators and we told the district that even though we did not have contact with them we had the faith that they would call us and we could be able to teach them! We then sat down and our cell pone rang and it was them! Wow, talk about miracles, so we taught them and they showed up to church and loved every minute of it! Especially Ignacio! So that was really cool! They will be baptized the 10 of January! So lets rock and roll year 2016

But that was really my week in a nutshell, Guiselle is still progressing and inviting all her friends to listen to us, her grandma is progressing a bunch! So we will see how she accepts an invitation to be baptized! Her name is Dina.

Love you all so much!

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